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Oppositionists are going to bring an action against NTV

Revolted with the shown NTV television channel a film « protest Anatomy » supporters of opposition are going to be converted into court with the collective claim to a broadcasting company.

« We try to understand, how its tax as from the point of view of the right a situation difficult, but the collective claim is now co-ordinated » - has told « to the Businessman » Violetta Volkova – the lawyer, often representing interests of oppositionists in courts.

In social network Facebook there was already an initiative group which suggests all wishing to discuss the collective claim against NTV.

we Will remind, on Thursday evening in transfer « state of emergency. Investigation » the TV channel has shown 36 - a minute film « protest Anatomy » about actions of the opposition dissatisfied with results Duma and presidential election. This display has blown up the Internet, responses to it opposite. Also has called a storm of indignation of supporters of opposition: in particular, authors of a film assert that the majority of participants of protest meetings go there for money. Speech in « protest Anatomy » except other, went and about the action « the White ring » on February, 26th.

the NTV channel already declared that « under numerous requests of televiewers » will repeat made a noise   a film on Sunday. Those who has not had time to look at it on Thursday, can see on March, 18th in 20. 00.

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