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KVN command Raisas from Irkutsk tomorrow will show on the First channel

the Third game 1/ 8 - I of the ending of the Higher league of KVN of a season of 2012 have passed still on March, 3rd. Already then hundreds admirers of female humour exulted – Irkutsk « Raisas » have unconditionally defeated and have broken in a quarterfinal. But here to see it could not in any way. A television aether of game have postponed.

- In game our humourists had to struggle with such commands, as « Pineapple » (Vyazma),   « KemBridzh » (Kemerovo), and also national teams from Kazakhstan and Khabarovsk (« the Botanical garden » + « It is made in Khabarovsk ») - has told «» a press - the secretary of the Baikal league of KVN Victoria Aslanova. - And, if « pineapple » and « KemBridzh » also debutants of a season, here the Khabarovsk KVNs - shchiki, and the more so KVN - shchiki from Kazakhstan   more than once submitted the Higher league and are considered in club as skilled enough and ridiculous commands.

Therefore in advance to foresee victory in « to an eighth of a pound » irkutjanok it was impossible. But little girls have dashing arranged the rivals. To look, as it is incendiary and ridiculous they have made, admirers of the International union of KVN can already tomorrow at 19:40 on Irkutsk time, and, of course, on the First channel.