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gosdep the USA threatens to deprive the North Korea the grocery help

the USA will deprive the North Korea the promised food aid if the authorities do not refuse plans on companion start. We will remind, the day before there were messages that in honour of 100 - letija the founder of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Kim Ir of Hay on April, 15th Pyongyang intends to carry out start of the artificial companion of the Earth. Start-up will be made by means of the rocket of the big range. It has called negative reaction of the West.

« We want to help the Korean people, in particular, to that its part which the mode ignores. However, start will lead to rupture of arrangements » - Victoria Nuland has declared the official representative of US State department, meaning the agreement with Pyongyang about input of the moratorium on nuclear tests and start-up of ballistic missiles of distant action in exchange for the humanitarian help.

In particular, the American side promised to put to the North Korea of 240 thousand tons of the foodstuffs.

According to Victoria Nuland, plans of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea on companion start – direct infringement of the obligations taken on. Therefore « we call into question into verifiability and confidence that this help will get that who needs it ».

Earlier with sharp condemnation of plans of Pyongyang has acted US State Secretary Hillari Clinton.

« the Message of the North Korea on intention to start the rocket is direct infringement of its international obligations, and also is rather provocative » - she has declared, having added that « such start of the rocket bears in itself security threat in region, and also goes to a cut with the recent decision of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to refrain from starts of rockets of distant radius of action ».

Hillari Clinton has reminded that « Resolutions of the UN Security Council 1718 and 1874 clearly and unequivocally forbid Northern Korea to spend starts with use of technologies of ballistic missiles ».

With similar statements Japan, South Korea and the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon have acted, reminds Interfax.  

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