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In a fire in Semenovsky area was lost 4 - hletny the kid

Twice to a family of small Vasi from village Small Zinovevo of Semyonovsky area was necessary to endure terrible tragedy. Back in November, 2011 their house in Kostromosky area has burnt down half a year. The family had to move to the Nizhniy Novgorod region. And yesterday has occurred irreparable - on fire was lost 4 - hletny Vasenka.

- the Message on kindling has arrived from eyewitnesses on March, 16th, - tell in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Nizhniy Novgorod region. - to a call place firemen have been directed is subdivided. The fire managed to be liquidated completely for 26 minutes; the area has made 72 sq. metres. Weight of development of a fire and its consequences was affected later by detection and the message on kindling.

at analysis of the burnt down designs firemen have found out a terrible find - a body of the lost child – the boy of 2008 of a birth.

- It is supposed that the childish prank with fire became a cause of the fire, - continue in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Nizhniy Novgorod region. - as it was possible to find out, the given family on the account in OMVD an island Semenovsky as unsuccessful did not consist. Mother of the child worked in SPK « Small Zinovevo » the milkmaid. At the moment of occurrence of a fire the boy remained in the house one.

in November 2011. This family has been urged to move from the Kostroma region. The house in which they lived, has burnt down from - for pranks with fire of small Vasi.

Dear parents, do not leave the kids without supervision. Do not put matches and other dangerous subjects in a zone of their access. After all their life depends first of all on you.

the Instruction to children how to behave during a fire.