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To hotels and hostels of Krasnodar have appropriated zvezdnost

the quantity of the hostels which have successfully undergone procedure of official classification has considerably increased In southern capital. Till March of current year « stars » had 14 hotels, and these are 12 percent from their total number in a city, passes « Itar - TASS Kuban »

For today in Krasnodar 3 hotels of a category 5 « operate already; stars » 7 hotels of a category 4 « stars » 4 hotels of a category 3 « stars » 4 hotels of a category 2 « stars » and one « mini - hotel ». Thus percent classified « hotel complexes » has increased to 14.

Experts of Open Society « the Resort Examination » demands of 5 more means of the placing applying for various categories are processed.

Now the ministry of sports, tourism and the youth policy of the Russian Federation develops the bill of passage of procedure of classification, obligatory for means of placing of the Russian Federation. The similar law has already come into force in territory of the Olympic Sochi since July of last year.