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In Mordovia eight OMON FIGHTERS tried to cope with mentally unbalanced man

the Inhabitant of settlement Tengushevo   - the invalid on mental disease - walked up and down on streets of the small native land with an axe and a breakage and behaved aggressively. It is natural that this fact at least guarded other passers-by, and even scarecrows. Has frightened a kind of the furious madman and the head physician of the central regional hospital   settlement Tengushevo, and he was converted behind the help into police: according to a part of 35 articles 12 of the Law « About police » police officers should assist medical workers. On it have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Republic Mordovia.

When guards have arrived, the violent citizen already has had time to be locked at home and threatened with punishment, conducting « conversation » with « visitors » Only through a door or through a window. To arrangements to open a door have connected even the sister of the sick man. However and it has not given results: the madman refused flatly « to surrender ». In order to avoid victims, doctors have suggested to postpone detention attempt.

However on it the history has not ended. After an hour per police the signal with the complaint to the unbalanced citizen has again arrived. This time inhabitants of settlement have told that their neighbour in underwear goes near the house and swings an axe.     the group of three employees of department of police has into place left.   having seen people in shape, ours « the hero » has started to operate under the former scheme: it was locked at home. After long arrangements which in what have not resulted, police officers, having broken a door, have got into the house. However this time the man has had time to be closed in one of rooms. Through a glass part of a door it was visible that in hands at the madman – a knife. When guards have tried to open a door, the man has struck a knife in a foot of the captain of police - the district militia officer of regional department of police then has poured over itself and a floor of the house gasoline, threatening to set fire.

In order to avoid the further victims policemen have called from Saransk the squad of republican OMON on duty from seven employees. Having convinced that the further negotiations in what will not result, OMON FIGHTERS have made the decision on power detention. Having broken a door, they have detained the man. It was found out that « the hermit » on - former did not plan to surrender, having prepared in a room for reflexion of attack axes, knifes, lomy, iron rods and other weapon.

Now the patient is placed in Republican psychiatric hospital. The wounded police officer has been delivered in Tengushesky central hospital. Upon the put physical injuries to the police officer the material which is directed in Zubovo - Half-Jansky interdistrict FROM SOU SK is collected, check is spent.