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In Kirov can become more superskyscrapers

In a city administration of Kirov on April, 16th has passed town-planning council on which have been accepted a number of the decisions, capable to affect external shape of a city: in particular, about monument installation sacred to Peter and Fevronii (is more detailed here).  

Also town-planners decided destiny of two future skyscrapers in city centre.      

In the street Thieves`, 107 industrial complexes existing a building « Basko » can grow on some floors and will turn in multipurpose socially - a housing estate.

- Placing « skyscrapers » with socially - business centre with hostel on a crossroads of street Popova and Thieves` it is quite possible, - members of town-planning council have solved one of these days. -   but habitation in the given place to build it is inadmissible in view of presence sanitary - a protective zone.

On town-planning advice have postponed the decision on placing of a multipurpose inhabited and public complex « the Leader » under the October prospectus, 106. On the offered ground area the builder wanted to place 33 - a floor residential building.

- We have suggested to remove a stain of building from territory of nearby school. Such neighbourhood « skyscrapers » with child care centre psychologically heavy. Also is inappropriate to place   « a skyscraper » in the lowered part of the October prospectus in the absence of support in similar high-rise volumes. Placing of similar high-rise constructions pertinently in new under construction microdistricts - « Urvantsevo » « Pure ponds » - town-planners have solved and have suggested the author of the project to present substantiations on placing of a high-rise construction with study of questions of perspective transformation of building of the October project.