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Kishinevtsam it is necessary to celebrate Easter all the week long, up to Parental day

Easter – it is a feast of feasts for orthodox christians which ministers a guarantee of that all dead will rise once. The prior of capital church of the Blessed trinity protoirej Vasil Panas has told that people should celebrate Easter all the week long, up to Parental day.

According to the ecclesiastic, the doctrine of the Savior of Jesus Christ, passed through sacred apostles, says that in one day we will rise, we will appear before the Most High God and to us will be rendered for everything made in life. For good deeds we inherit life eternal, and for malicious acts – an eternal penalty.

- we prepare For the Sacred feast of Anastasis in advance. Christians fast, repent, pray in church, - has told Vasil Panas.

Paschal feasts are marked the whole week. From Easter about Parental day Light week lasts, the ecclesiastic speaks. Within this week people should remain in good mood, and it is necessary to prepare for these days spiritually. In Parental day christians can visit tombs of the died relatives, to be returned grace and distribute alms for the peace of soul of those who is not present near to us more.