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In the Volgograd government have removed the minister who has worked only 11 days

new heads of the Volgograd government in the offices had not time to grow roots, to reserve new punchers and folders for papers as it is necessary to collect veshchichki. Minister of Economics Maxim Kletin and the head of committee on affairs of youth Alexey Zadumin has lost the fast.

Maxim Kletin who Stavropol Territory from the mayoralty was enticed to Volgograd by the prime minister - minister Konstantin Hramov, has not held on in a ministerial post and 11 days. Has not worked well together. Its place was occupied with Elvira Lagutin who was the assistant at the previous head of economy of region Romane Bekove. But the official has not left the ministry – has simply held fast by a rank less.

One more variag who has lost the armchair -   astrahanets Alexey Zadumin. It in comparison with Kletinym - the old resident. The portfolio of the head to the youth policy of area carried by 25 days. In this time the official, in any way has not shown itself. For as has been turned out. For youth while the responsible have not appointed.

And here a situation with Vladimir Zhdanovym, the minister of building and housing and communal services, while not clear. Officially   - it in holiday for two days. But its surname has already disappeared from the list of heads on an official site of administration of the Volgograd region. There it has hung only 21 day. To the place of the main thing kommunalshchika region designate Valentina Grechininu who worked till this moment in department of housing and communal services and thermal power station of the mayoralty of Volgograd. But while no official acknowledgement to it are present.

- Any government should reflect interests of different groups. Probably, at formation Volgograd not all interests have been considered and co-ordinated, - Alexander Strizoe, the political scientist has shared opinion . - Besides people could be not ready to such posts and in the personal plan, and in the professional. And likely it is good that it was found out quickly enough. That is people nonresident – hardly matters. Not important, whence the official, important, how much well it works. So we need to wait for effective managers only.

Also it would be desirable to believe that after two-year personnel confusion, at us such will appear. The strong government and cabinet support is necessary for the governor to solve priorities: roads, kindergartens, preparation for the World championship on football 2018 and arrival of check from FIFA in the middle of June. It would be desirable to believe that at purpose of new faces interests of region and inhabitants, instead of results of unofficial games will be considered first of all. All of them were tired. It is time to work, at last.

By the way

Hundreds officials this week have received the notification message about reduction of a replaced post. It occurs from - for re-structurings in the regional power. Instead of administration the government is formed. So also posts will be others. But only under the name, instead of as a matter of fact. So the majority of the dismissed will be received by new labour contracts already in the near future.