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Pensioners have issued divorce to receive the social help

In village Ruzhintsy of Vidin area 81 - summer spouses have issued divorce after 59 years of joint life. By the reason of divorce of aged Bogdana and Miki it has been specified „ deep and irreparable frustration of family relations ”. However, eks - the spouse does not do secret that actually has served as the divorce reason. „ why have divorced? From a lack of money, - grandfather Bogdan speaks. - At me the pension 125 is left (63 euros), and it is not enough of it even on meal. To me have told that if to issue divorce each of us begins to receive the social help at a rate of 290 it is left (145 euros) ”.

grandfather Bogdan, despite the old age, still holds twenty goats who help it with livelihood. And   his wife Mika (already were), is sick and some years lives with one of sons.

As speak in local municipality, divorce of two old men has been issued, as they have different address check in. If they lived together by divorced it it would be refused. However, according to in village, it is far not the first case when in pressing forward though as - that to improve the beggarly existence, the Bulgarian old men make out fictitious divorces.