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Small-scale business will force to undertake a broom?

the governor of Petersburg George Poltavchenko loves cleanliness – for this reason wants, that sidewalks in a city as in the present Europe, businessmen washed with shampoo.

At least, dreams of it. About these dreams the town governor has the day before told in the microblog in « Tvitter » answering a question of the reader, instead of a leah to teach us, really, businessmen to wash asphalt with soap?

is my treasured dream, - the mayor has written. The governor and problems « has concerned; sandy storms » having made a reservation what to clean sand in streets already have begun, but that collected decades, for one season you will not wash.

As it was found out, at present for cleaning of all without an exception of sidewalks and territories adjoining to shops the Committee on an accomplishment of Petersburg responds. About in the near future to pass a broom in hands of businessmen while speech does not go.

Representatives of small-scale business without delight have estimated dream of the governor – We already so pay unreasonably heavy taxes, - the businessman, the owner of small shop in city centre Ekaterina Aljakrinsky is distressed. -   Besides, it is necessary to do a work part – we wash windows, sometimes we wash facades, when teenagers huliganjat.  

As she said, small-scale business from different directions restrain requisitions. - for garbage removal, for example,   though it is less than waste than from apartment,   a maximum some tea bags – we give 2200 thousand a month.   absolutely not clearly, why for a signboard every year should pay for the coordination of 11 thousand roubles, and every year for cash desk of 12 thousand roubles, - she is perplexed. - cash desk maintenance service manages in a quarter in five thousand roubles,   though no service occurs. Unreasonably we pay 33 percent of surtax for each worker though was 18, the huge tariff for light &ndash earlier; on five or a pole of thousand roubles for an electricity. In the sum for our small little shop to 45 square metres a month we give 50 thousand roubles, without considering the huge rent rate and the salary to workers.

According to deputy ZakSa of Petersburg from fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of Konstantin Smirnova, the idea with cleaning of streets by businessmen is quite perspective. – tenants of apartment houses pay for cleaning of adjoining territories why not to burden with it businessmen? Will be more responsibility at businessmen and an order in a city. That they should clean the sites, it is unequivocal, as they actively use them and pollute. For example, in the winter, their clients if it is cleaned badly can suffer from an icing, - the communist considers.

Thus the member of parliament nevertheless urges to consider opinion of businessmen, - a leah they Will pull it? Perhaps   it is necessary to lower for them tax loading. Almost everywhere in the world it is widespread practice – for example, in the USA businessmen bear full maintenance responsibility of the shops and hostels, - he has added.