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The authorities of Estonia aspire to limit import in the country of fuel from Russia

the Head of department nalogovo - the customs policy of the Ministry of Finance of Estonia Marek Uuskjula has told that with a view of restriction of volumes imported into republic from Russia motor fuel of the power of the Baltic country can oblige gasoline tank trucks to be in the Russian Federation not less than two days.

As already marked an information portal rus. err. ee, the Ministry of Finance within April plans to develop methods of struggle against contraband podaktsiznyh the goods from Russia to Estonia that in May - June Nalogovo - the customs department could put them already into practice.

According to Mareka Uuskjula to speak about concrete details of the document still too early, but certain operating time already are available.

One of variants - to enter for the person or a group of persons of restriction on abiding time abroad. It means that the person should be in the third country, in this case we speak about Russia, for example, 12, 24 or 48 hours - Marek Uuskjula has told.

Uuskjula has added that it is possible to allow to import podaktsiznye the goods only once during certain time, and in all other cases when the person wants to import into Estonia podaktsiznyj the goods, it should pay both the excise, and the tax from a turn.

Similar restrictions this year were entered by Latvia which since January allows to cross to Latvians border on personal motor transport, importing into the country podaktsiznye the goods of all of times in a week. It has led to that on Estonian customs points the number of gasoline tank trucks with the Latvian slip numbers has increased.