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The inhabitant of Volgograd tried to commit suicide, having been tired of bureaucracy of officials

« Without a piece of paper you a small insect, and with a piece of paper the person » - this phrase for 38 - summer Sergey Tarasenko, the inhabitant of small Danilovki near Volgograd not simply sovdepovskaja true …

Here ten years the man pesters officials, unsuccessfully trying to receive the passport of the citizen of Russia. And when to it have refused once again, has slashed with a knife on a throat.

As it has appeared, after disorder of the USSR Sergey has not changed in time the Soviet passport for the Russian. Why so left, the man already and itself cannot remember, and in native village anybody to the document of the old sample of claims had no.

But in 2002 it has lost also it is the important document in a quarrel fuse the former spouse of the man has burnt.

- I have run at once in regional department to write the application, - Sergey tells. - then still the militia was engaged in delivery of passports. But business is not has gone, at first long proved that the document was really burnt by the wife, there were then questions why I did not have a passport of the new sample … First of all it was required to give inquiries that I have no citizenship of other country. For this purpose it was necessary to collect all inquiries on places of my check in, - continues Serej. - While one document waited, at another period of validity came to an end, and all should be begun anew.

Having received from officials the next refusal, Sergey Tarasenko has dared at suicide.
a photo: Anastas MIHAJLOVA

the next refusal local FMS to give out the new document began Last drop. In a fit of temper Sergey undertook a knife.

- Doctors only by miracle have rescued the man. Now to his life threatens nothing, - the inspector of Kotovsk MrSO of SOU SK the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region tells Valentine Tsareva . – nevertheless, check by which results we will pass the decision &ndash will be spent; a leah is the bases for business excitation under article « finishing before suicide ».