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Yaroslavl antimonopolshchiki have revealed infringements in activity of Department of the state order

Management of Federal antimonopoly service across Yaroslavl region has cancelled results of auctions on delivery of foodstuff for 17 establishments of social service . And the organizer of the auctions - department of the state order of Yaroslavl region and its auction commission - antimonopolshchiki recognised as broken the legislation on placing of orders.

During the auctions declared by department the organisations which could deliver products for 7 houses - boarding schools for aged and invalids, 6 psychoneurological boarding schools, children`s home - a boarding school for mentally retarded children, boarding house for veterans of war and work, gerontopsihiatricheskogo and gerontologicheskogo the centres should be defined.

the Essence of the claim of experts UFAS consisted that customers and department wrongfully requested of suppliers of production the hygienic certificate on all products. It has limited quantity of participants auction as such certificate is only at those suppliers who have received it till July, 1st, 2010.

Meanwhile according to the agreement of the customs union signed within the limits of the concluded contract between Russia, republic Belarus and Kazakhstan, since July, 1st, 2010 sanitary - the epidemiological conclusions should be made out not on all foodstuff, but only only on their certain list. For example, it does not include milk and dairy products.  

Yaroslavl UFAS Russia has ordered to customers and state order department to exclude from contracts of the requirement on support of each consignment of goods by the hygienic certificate.