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The richest deputy of the State Duma from the Volgograd region - Savchenko, and the poorest - the Fads

April - month interesting. All hand over declarations on incomes for last year. The first persons - including. The president, the prime minister and ministers became pioneers in this sense. They have sounded the incomes in the beginning of month. Behind them senators have reported, and on Saturday on a site of the State Duma of the Russian Federation incomes of simple deputies have been published also.

Oleg Savchenko.
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Alevtina Aparina.
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Dmitry Konkov.
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the Volgograd region in the lower chamber is represented by 7 persons. From them the United Russia party member Oleg Savchenko has appeared the richest. For last year he has earned 12,5 million roubles. In the property it has apartment of 71,30 sq. m., the ground area in one thousand « squares » two more apartments – in share using and one office. Spouse Oleg Vladimirovicha has specified in the declaration of 4,1 million roubles. In its property 4 grounds, 2 houses, 2 apartments and « Toyota Lendkruzer ».

For Savchenko goes Alevtina Aparina . The main communist of region has specified in the declaration the income in 2,59 million roubles. Besides, Alevtina Viktorovna owns apartment in 56 sq. m., cars at it are not present.

the step to a step it was caught up with the member of the same party - the deputy of new convocation from Astrakhan Nikolay Arefyev . Its income - 2,52 million roubles. However, the property it is small: apartment 116 « squares » and garage.

Oleg Mikheyev became the Fourth on income level spravedlivoross . In 2011 he has earned 1,92 million roubles, his wife - all 91 thousand with small. But at a family of Miheevyh the big list of the acquired real estate: 2 grounds, 2 houses, apartment, through passage, compressor, the warehouse case, shop, office accommodation, shop, one more warehouse, 3 more trading premises and a building of transport shop with extensions. From property movable - cargo GAS - 3307 and « Mercedes CL 600 ».

the United Russia party member Michael Markelov - last, whose income exceeds one million. Last year he has earned 1,28 million roubles. He owns the earth in 1500 sq. m. and apartment in 155 sq. m. His wife - one more site in 1000 sq. m., foreign cars of Lexus RX 33 and Tiguan. She has earned 203 thousand roubles.

Beginners - the United Russia party member Dmitry Konkov and the liberal - the democrat Dmitry Litvintsev - outsiders of the list. The first in last year has received 394 thousand roubles of the income, the second - 549 thousand. To deputy measures - copecks. But it is necessary to consider that members of parliament they young. The fads before election was the operator on oil recovery and gas TSDNG « Archeda » TPP « Volgogradneftegaz » and Litvintsev - zamom the chairman of the Volga municipal duma.  

the Full report on incomes of the inhabitants of Volgograd, working in the State Duma look here .