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Saving fast of Velikoustjugsky electric networks of branch Vologdaenergo have checked up on readiness to a spring high water

Planned check of readiness of saving fasts, including fast of Velikoustjugsky electric networks of branch MRSK Severo - the West « Vologdaenergo » to a coming spring high water and threat of flooding in flood waters has passed 17 - go April within the limits of annual doctrines of the commission on emergency situations of Velikoustjugsky area.

During review of the mobile saving fast VUES created by forces energetikov on the basis of the enterprise, committee-men have checked up presence of protective means, completeness of equipment and equipment of the personnel modern means of radio and mobile communication. Based on the results of testing it has been noticed that actions for preparation for a high water are executed in full and the problems interfering normal operation of electroinstallations, no.

- On arms of saving fast VUES there is a new boat with the motor and the trailer for transportation of passengers and small-sized cargoes. The personnel of mobile fast, the last special course, is fully completed by necessary overalls: life jackets, water protective suits LK - 1, - the director of industrial branch « has told; Velikoustjugsky electric networks » Vladimir Migalnikov.

Within the limits of preparation for the period of a spring high water in Velikoustjugsky electric networks the central freshet commission is created, and also the plan of special actions which are carried out under conditions of increase of a water level in the river Sukhona is developed. In case of introduction in territory of areas of flooding of a mode of an emergency situation the personnel of saving fast under the staff decision will start the work.

Under the forecast of weather forecasters the ice drift during the current year is necessary last week April, however a water level in the river Sukhona while minimum - nearby plus of 70 centimetres. As mark power, actions for a conclusion of electroinstallations begin at a water level of 7 metres and more. In this case from substations 35/ 6 kv switches 6 kv all joinings rise on special racks, loading from the given joinings to be translated on PS 110/ 35/ 6 kv « Great - Ustyug » and 110/ 6 kv « Borki ». At more high level of water energetikam it is necessary to disconnect sites on VL 6 kv « Bobrovnikovo » and « Kalashovo » located in pojme the rivers of Small Northern Dvina.