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At Salavat Fathetdinova two illegitimate daughters and the pregnant mistress?

the singer admitted that till a marriage it had some serious communications

last Friday in edition the woman has come.

- I have very interesting material for you, - she has told and has laid out some photos on a table. - look, seemingly, she is the illegitimate daughter of Salavat Fathutdinova. She from settlement Svijazhsky Arsky area, now studies in Kazan, at University of culture and arts - the father has arranged. About it already Tatar newspaper Akcharlak has written, here material x-copies. I can give you all addresses and phones.

we have in perplexity stared at pictures - the girl on them really something reminded Salavat. The masterful selection of shots has especially impressed: Here the singer in an early youth and three-year babe very similar to it, here a teenage profile and nearby a profile of Salavat - is felt, someone was well prepared before showing maps. Already next day we have gone in Svijazhsky to understand all.

have told everything, except the father

the Settlement has appeared such small that we have found the necessary family, at all without naming the address.

- here they live, - have shown to us on unique in Svijazhsky dvuhetazhku. - Only they now are not present. Yesterday Gulnara has arrived from Kazan so they with mother to the grandmother have gone to Average Baltaj. It nearby, kilometres 10 - 12.

We have missed each other on road. In village we were met by the old grandmother not speaking Russian almost who at first long tried to find out for what her daughter and the grand daughter and when we have explained are necessary to us and already were going to go back, has led us in the house to show the newspaper which to it was just brought by relatives.

- Here it is written that the grand daughter my Gulnara - a daughter of Salavat! However, I it only on the TV saw. But here all is fair, - the grandmother nods. - she calls its daddy and very much loves.

- and husband Gulshat Farit knows about it? - We were surprised.

- Zhjuk! That you! - the old woman has waved on us. - with Faritom they as two halves of one apple - soul in soul live. He about it knew nothing...

Now Gulnara is more similar to the mum

And eyes - that mum`s!.

the Second calling has appeared more successful, the door was opened by the little boy of years of thirteen, younger brother Gulnary Fanis and as a current has struck - the same cold green eyes which we have accepted for similarity of the girl to Salavat!

- mums and Gulnary is not present, left for a short while, - the fellow has told.

all has risen on the places when there was Gulshat - the pretty blonde with an ice sight (and so, apparently, whose it is eyes!) . Mum with a daughter have seen us from apart. Having lingered second, Gulnara has taken out cellular and the beginnings loudly to chide someone, then they have unexpectedly curtailed on a garden site behind the house and have appeared already on the other hand.

- you what for here have arrived? - has greeted Gulnara. - We have agreed on Monday in Kazan to phone, I do not want here with anybody to talk!

to tell the truth, I was taken aback. Just this girl posed for the newspaper, and her mother told about, how has fallen in love in Salavat, with which in the beginning 80 - h together studied at culture institute, and as he has thrown it on the sixth month of pregnancy to marry another. And suddenly such furious repulse. Svijazhsky it is, of course, deep and far, but not so that in Kazan to conduct one life, and in settlement - another...

I took its virgin

Father Farit whom we have found on work in a boiler-house, long looked at us a blank look.

is to a clod could come to a head such to tell and print? - Already in the fifth time he asked whether us, whether at itself(himself). We did not begin to show it article that Farit did not see an information source. - yes, Gulshat married the pregnant woman, but it was my child. We have got acquainted in the winter 85 - go, in January where - that. In August have got married, and in November she has given birth. At it anybody to me was not, I precisely know. Well how to explain... The girl cannot be two times the virgin. As, probably, now it will be unpleasant to Salavat, hearings will go. At it after all too a family!

the oldest daughter in Ekaterinburg

has Perhaps, worked the ecumenical law of man`s solidarity, but Salavat too first of all has thought of husband Gulshat.

- You Know, me - that all the same that about me will write, - he has told to me at a meeting, - but here is how her husband will feel now itself.

- and it on a broader scale truth? - I ask.

- yes I do not know... Here in Ekaterinburg I precisely have a daughter. Elmira call. The most senior, to it 24 years already. Mother has taken offence at me strongly and long who did not speak to it, the father. Then already, when the daughter has tortured it inquiries, has put the cartridge - here, speaks, listen. But all the same did not allow to meet to it me, and itself on concerts did not come. Recently only have got acquainted. Was there on tours. The girl rises on a scene, gives flowers, embraces me and does not release. The hall claps, it appears, all know that it is my daughter, except me. Have then talked well so heart-to-heart. I Rimmu, its mum, have convinced, that have allowed to help me to the little girl. The institute finishes, work it is necessary good - so I can help! But, Rimma, of course, proud so in marriage also did not leave never. It not that that very beautiful, but at it eyes eternally laugh - the laid-back person!

and the second daughter washing, Kazan, courageous - in me, it is visible, character has gone. When to it was years 11 - 12, has come to me, speaks - the father. I have responded it:

- Kyzym, the father is at whom you live. When you will be adult, with study, work I will help you, for now go there where thy family, and it name the father.

so it would be desirable to live beautifully

When the woman speaks: he/she is thy child, she should be believed, the woman always knows truth. But she can sometimes choose. Almost twenty one year Gulshat and Farit have lived with each other soul in soul, and all - taki it already then has made the choice. Probably, for the sake of the daughter. That it did not work, as her mother, in rural library, and has learnt life in all its completeness. That lived in capital and had good prospects. That though somebody from a family was on - to the present is happy! And the others of anything... Will suffer.


That the newspaper " has printed; Akcharlak

Gulshat and Salavat studied together the Kazan institute of culture on director`s branch. According to Gulshat, they met two years and have been enamoured in each other. But then Salavat has got acquainted with Lejsan (wife Fathutdinova. - the Comment red.) And Gulshat has faded into the background. Then she already waited for the child.

it was necessary to do nothing Gulshat how to return to native village Average Baltaj to the father with mother. There there lived the guy who when - that very much loved Gulshat. That the girl has avoided a shame, he married it. In August have celebrated wedding, and Gulnara on October, 27th was born.

Further Gulshat says that has shown a daughter to the present father when to it was one and a half year. And when Gulnara studied in the fifth grade, mum has told to it truth about its birth.

Salavat supported a daughter when it was small, and has helped it to enter the university culture and arts.


On Monday by phone Gulnara has told that it is ready to talk to us.

- I after all did not refuse to communicate! Simply what for you have gone to settlement? - Gulnara got excited. - We wanted, that all has on the quiet passed, that it (means father Farita. - the Comment red.) Knew nothing about it for the time being.

- and for what on a broader scale all it to tell?

- and let know! - has arrogantly thrown Gulnara.


Salavat loves me!

This letter without the return address was brought in edition by the unknown girl. It has left it at protection and has asked to pass journalists. To tell the truth, we have not conceived it seriously, have counted as delirium of any fan. Perhaps, indeed. Salavat honoured, has laughed, but has not told yes is not present .

Hello! My name is Gulsina. I have written this letter because I want that all have learnt that I love Salavat Fathutdinova and my love is mutual! We have got acquainted one year ago at its concert. I have presented flowers, and he has embraced me and has whispered, that I have approached after a concert. We have spent together some indelible nights. It the wonderful, tender lover. I have understood that it is the man of all my life. Never I do not can to fall in love with anybody any more!

in September after the millenary which have tired all we went together abroad. And I have decided that I want from it the child! He still knows nothing, and I will not speak, let will see itself. I want to give birth to it to the son. And it is unimportant, what is the time we will meet, a leah it will support then us - all not very well. The main thing that I love it!

it is not necessary to search for me and to ask questions, everything that wanted to tell, I have written in this letter. I am happy and I want, that it was happy!