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After smoking ufimtsam have forbidden to drink beer

Such law has accepted the government of Bashkiria

It seems that legislators seriously have attended to our health. Having forbidden inhabitants of Bashkiria to smoke on work and in public places (read for October, 8th), officials have put a veto also for beer drinking.

the government last week has published an order, on which (that is local administrations) will define local authorities, in what points of a public catering it it is impossible to sell (even in pouring) and to drink beer and the drinks prepared from it. To be defined, where it should is impossible to sell beer officials by November, 7th.

- we should consider very in details all before we will sign the decision, - have explained in department of trade of administration of Ufa. - it is important not to go too far We will not make the concrete list of places where it is possible or it is impossible to trade in beer and to drink it. Most likely, we will confirm the general rules, in which will be stipulated what to drink beer it is impossible in sports constructions, in territory of educational institutions and etc.

Here only, as well as in a case with smoking, guards cannot punish infringers. While in the code about Administrative offences there is no point on punishment. Under this document to fine people drinking in public places it is possible only in the event that alcohol contains more than 12 % of spirit. That is beer there does not get in any way.

- guards will simply warn infringers, - have explained in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. - and to infringers it is necessary to submit and hide beer.

the new law has accurately defined, where now it is impossible to drink beer. For example, walking along the street, you can easy drink a favourite drink if do not come on territory of schools, theatres, hospitals and the other institutions specified in the list. Besides, with a jar of beer it is better to you to avoid beaches, children`s playgrounds, stations

In what places to drink beer now it is impossible?

v the children`s, educational and medical organisations

v fizkulturno - improving and sports constructions

v city and suburban transport

v the culture organisations, except buffets

v cult establishments (a mosque, church, other meeting-houses, the training centres)

v places of a mass congestion of citizens (except points of a public catering and shops)

v the locations of objects of the raised danger