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The end justifies the means?

than the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was traditionally strong? First of all, the branched out organisation structure, mass individual membership and steady mobilisation support on all country repeatedly proved on elections of all levels.
on what communistic propaganda today is under construction? The party goes on elections, without hesitating to criticise the president, the government. To refuse it is means to lose the face. And together with it is also voters. Struggle for the voter was over the last ten years conducted by means of populist slogans and bills as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation almost completely dominated in the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, heading both chamber, and key components in it.
the projects of populist laws brought or supported by communists, have been got by care of all: pensioners, state employees, military, youth, invalids, workers of agrarian and industrial complex. Slogans were intoned, bills were loudly sounded, but concrete improvement of position of citizens of Russia and was not observed.
the present pre-election platform contains all the same set of populist attacks to a ruling mode for it an antinationality all the same fatherlike care of all.
it already was. But this time in pre-election tactics of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation there was one feature. It consists that the communists always publicly separating from cooperation with oligarchs, go now on the open union with them. Categorically denying any communications with the company YUKOS communists have included in the central part of the obshchefederalnogo the list of the co-owner YUKOS Sergey Muravlenko and the chief it is information - analytical management of Open Society YUKOS - Moscow Alexey Kondaurova (in 1999 mister Kondaurov was the fourth in Far East regional group and in the Duma has not passed). However, head YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky even admitted in the spring that some representatives of the company from personal means finance Communist Party. In the light of these events statements of leaders of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, in particular, Ivan Melnikova, about struggle against oligarchs look especially hypocritical. Struggle goes only in words. And in practice communists impudently use oligarchs in the election campaign. And, this tactics is used both in the centre, and in regions.
this year by the candidate on a post of the President of Republic Bashkortostan from regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Rasul Shugurov, temporarily idle is registered. In October, 1995 it was the proposed candidate in deputies of the State Duma on Sibajsky election district 6 Republics Bashkortostan selective association Communist party of the Russian Federation . After the termination of a term of appointment in 1999 mister Shugurov again was the proposed candidate in deputies of the State Duma of the third convocation on the same Sibajsky election district, but this time voters have not given the voices to it. eks - the deputy of the State Duma remained the unemployed because in Bashkiria work, " has not been given it; corresponding to the status as he explains the reason of this phenomenon. Here so it is sad there were circumstances: the deputy armchair has not got, and the work corresponding to the status of the former deputy, was not. Last three years it has worked in various joint-stock - commercial structures of Magnitogorsk of the Chelyabinsk area. But thus he on - former the active fighter of party, participates in all political campaigns of republic and is ready to incur still the big responsibility for its destiny, destinies of people - so the republican communistic press writes about Shugurove. Well, almost Lenin in Flood. Too the unemployed, but all thoughts about even bolshej responsibility for republic, responsibility for destinies of people. Probably, considering this circumstance, on September, 20th current year party conference of communists of republic has made decision to nominate unemployed Shugurova the candidate to an office the President of Republic Bashkortostan. In their charters, probably, is permitted to work in one area, and on the party account to consist in the republican organisation, time it about its destiny so is strongly baked. At the same time he will stand in deputies of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on Kumertausky one-mandatory district. Temporarily idle communist Shugurov could bring selective pledge in the Republic Bashkortostan Central Electoral Commission in the sum of 9,75 million roubles.
attracts attention that fact that some companies, firms, the enterprises which have acted as sponsors of the candidate from communists as finance also other odious candidate for presidents. As we see, verbalisations of communists about struggle against oligarchs in practice turns around a financial brotherhood with them. It is interesting that one of points of the selective program of mister Shugurova says: illegally privatised enterprises illegally withdrawn from the budget in commercial banks the finance " Will be returned the state;. Yes, today already nobody argues that prihvatizatsija as well as fantastic enrichment of the present oligarchs who have received for nothing the property in 90 - h years, has passed at our expense, citizens of Russia, its tax bearers. Party functionaries fine understand it, but very much... It would be desirable in presidents, deputies of the State Duma, and the end justifies the means, even such when it is necessary to go to a service to oligarchs.