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Foat Hantimerov: In increase in pension age of necessity is not present!

On a direct line with the Trustee of the Pension fund of Russia, the managing director on Republic Bashkortostan Foatom Galjautdinovichem Hantimerovym our readers began to call long before its beginning. Questions were strewed on some multichannel phones. We publish answers to the asked questions most often

- Hallo, hello! Mister Hantimerov, respond, me, to Komissarovu Victor Sergeevichu, the pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, continuing to work in a national economy. A leah is put to us surcharge?

- hello, Victor Sergeevich. These and other problems have found reflexion in the concept of perfection of provision of pensions of the persons passing service military or equal to it which is prepared by working group at the Government of the Russian Federation. You while save all notices which are sent to you. As there will be a government decision - we will execute it.

- Hello, Maria Ivanovna disturbs. A leah is expected this year pension increase?

- is not present, unfortunately. This year it is already made two indexations of pension. In total on republic for this year the pension has increased on the average almost by 500 roubles. The following indexation is expected in 2006.

- my surname of Maksimova. Let mister Hantimerov will respond us: on what money the new building of the Pension fund is constructed? Can money which are earned by my children on the future, are buried in this palace?

- dear Tatyana Nikolaevna! This perfect building is constructed on the money which has been taken away on the maintenance of the Pension fund. These means do not concern pension money and accumulation. By the way, on the pension fund maintenance, and 1,9 % are spent for delivery of pensions - 1,5 % to fund volume. If this money to scatter on each pensioner - it will turn out all on 2 - 3 roubles. I will notice again that it is the separate budget which has been not connected with provision of pensions, and if this money has not got to Bashkiria - they would leave in any other region. And works to us increases. Today we carry out timely purpose and payment of pensions more than 1 million 20 thousand to addressees, monthly monetary payments more than 405 thousand to exempts, we conduct personal accounts in a mode of constant updating of 3 million 600 thousand working citizens, we prepare the register of all veterans and many other things. Performance of these problems probably only at the expense of increase in number of workers or application of modern information technologies and new forms of the organisation of work. It is necessary to centralise a part of functions of regional and city managements, it is necessary to place computers, databases, to organise modern communications. Thanks to a new building you will not stand in queues now, and to reach us easily and it is simply possible from any point of a city. It will be more convenient to come to people to regional managements: if now the Kirov management is scattered to three different addresses in unadapted premises now all services will gather in one place. The same concerns also managements of October area, Kalininsky, Soviet, Lenin. So first of all in a prize there are you. This building will minister to all people - to the present and the future pensioners.

- my name is Ilmir, I work in an agricultural production of Sterlitamaksky area. From the Pension fund letter has learnt that my enterprise does not pay insurance payments in PFR. What to do? A leah can affect the Pension fund the enterprise?

- Ilmir, all responsibility for non-payment of insurance payments for the workers lies on the employer. To employers who do not pay insurance payments that is which the future of the workers is indifferent, Pension fund managements in areas and cities take measures for debts collecting on insurance payments in a judicial order. For today for all sum of debts of all without an exception of the enterprises of republic claims in Arbitration court so business will move off dead centre are already made. By the way, - defaulters in republic it is not enough such enterprises - only 2,5 % from all.

- hallo, it is Hantimerov? My name is Firdaus Galljamovna, me of 45 years. Foat Galjautdinovich, here say that pension age will increase. A pier, pensioners there will be nobody to feed. I after all then to pension will not live, I on building work

- I know, Firdaus Galljamovna as it is heavy to builders, especially to women. As to pension age increase the given problem has disappeared. Vladimir Putin after all has clearly told that at it it will not be. I think, the next years the special alarm should not be: even the young does not have not enough work. On a broader scale, it is necessary to search for ways that everyone could save up for an old age.

- hallo, Olga Rogozin Vam calls. Thanks that send us letters, though what that the information. Management companies are silent, any explanations. I according to the advice of the husband in 2003 have written the application and have passed accumulation of not state management company. Has then received from them the notice and it has appeared that profitableness - negative - a minus 1,21! I can return accumulation in the Pension fund?

- the current legislation does not provide transfer of accumulation from a management company in the Pension fund of Russia. In the present state of affairs you have the right to conclude till the end of 2005 the contract with not state pension fund (NPF) then to put in the statement for transfer of the accumulation from a management company in this NPF. The statement can be submitted to any management of the Pension fund irrespective of a residence. And in 2006 at desire can already put in the statement for transfer of accumulation from NPF in PFR. Here such difficult way of transfer of the accumulation established by the law to the Pension fund, and the Pension fund also is not the holder of these means. They are translated in the state management company - in Foreign trade and investment bank.

- hello, Kremleva Elena from the Ufa area calls. Has received the letter from Pension fund Branch. It is difficult to understand a content of the letter. That means pension accumulation also what to do with the received letter?

- Elena, thoroughly to you can explain all in your Management, it is on crossing of streets Gafuri and Pushkin in Ufa.

- Kornienko calls. That will be with a memory part of pension of my son. It was lost 24. 06. 2005, to death the memory part made about 9 thousand roubles?

- According to the Federal law About labour pensions in the Russian Federation if the death of the insured person has come before purpose to it a memory part of labour pension, the means considered in a special part of its individual personal account, are paid when due hereunder to relatives; first of all to children, including adopted, to the spouse, parents (adoptive fathers); in the second turn to brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers and grandsons, irrespective of age and a work capacity status.
you need to be converted into management PFR in a residence within six months from the date of death of the insured person.

- what size of monthly monetary payment and from what term will be received by Heroes of Soviet Union? Thanks, Zinatullina.

- According to the brought changes in the legislation to Heroes of Soviet Union since January, 1st, 2006 instead of privileges under their statement monthly monetary payment at a rate of 25000 roubles is established. Monthly monetary payment will be established and be paid by Pension fund managements. In case of his death the given payment shares on quantity of members of his family having the right to privileges.

- hello, it is Marjam Sufijanova. How to refuse reception of a set of social services?

- According to the law the citizen having the right to reception of a set of social services, can refuse its reception, having converted with the statement into Pension fund management in a residence. Refusal of reception of a set of social services completely or from its part is thus supposed.
the period of granting to citizens of a set of social services is calendar year. The declaration of abandonment of reception of a set of social services the next year moves till October, 1st of current year.
for 2006 reception of statements is finished. In this connection, the citizens who have not put in the statement, in 2006 will use a set of social services. However they have the right to be converted into Pension fund management in 2006 with the declaration of abandonment of a set of social services for 2007 or to the contrary, to return to its reception since January, 1st, 2007.