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The pensioner has caught the Siberian ulcer from the cow

16 More person had time to eat meat of a sick animal

Yesterday has already told that in village Kovardy of Gafurijsky area the case of disease of a house cow the Siberian ulcer has proved to be true. Yesterday it became known that mortally dangerous illness was threw on people: the mistress of that burenki, 64 - summer to Nazhiju Iskhakov hospitalised.

the pensioner felt badly still on eighth of October. On a cheek uzhenshchiny there was an itching stain which has then turned to an ulcer. The person of the pensioner has swelled. But she was converted into the central hospital Krasnousolska only in two days. The first the Siberian ulcer at the patient the assistant has suspected the Woman there and then isolated and have taken away in infectious branch. CHerezneskolko days results of analyses from Ufa and doubts have come does not remain: the pensioner has picked up the Siberian ulcer.

- We impart all population of Kovardy and three nearby villages a vaccine from the Siberian ulcer, - Louise Galieva has told to us the head physician of Krasnousolsky hospital, - every day our physicians survey inhabitants.

doctors also observe of the people, had time to eat the infected meat. When burenka has fallen ill, Nazhija Iskhakov has hastened to hammer in a cow, and meat to sell. On a counter beef has not passed vetnadzor. But the woman, without knowing that meat is infected, has had time to treat with it acquaintances. In Kovardy such six, and in Krasnousolske - 10 persons.

fortunately while they do not have any signs of disease. In the village Kovardy declared quarantine.

- we do not let out from village anybody with meat, milk and live animals, - the chairman of the Village Soviet of Kovardy Azat Abihuzin has told to us, - Yet will not remove quarantine, to inhabitants have forbidden to eat meat and to drink milk. And the cattle can be let out now only in a court yard is too a safety measure.

As the cow has picked up an infection, veterinary surgeons do not know. Probably, the infection has come from the earth: in 32 - an ohm in village was flash of the Siberian ulcer and round Kovardy is a little skotomogilnikov.

head physician Irik Fajzullin.

In village quarantine: To take out and eat meat and to drink milk CHRONICLE OF EVENTS

the Siberian ulcer in Bashkiria

is impossible on October, 1st

- in an economy at Nazhii Ishakovoj one of cows was ill. The mistress, together with sons and the husband, it cuts burenku.

on October, 2nd - Nazhija goes to district - village Krasnousolsky to sell meat. Vetnadzor the hulk to sale has not admitted and has sent meat on analyses to Ufa.

on October, 3rd - Sanepidnadzor closes meat department of the Krasnousolsky market, and in Kovardy there come veterinary surgeons and epidemiologists. They disinfect the house and a court yard of Nazhii, survey the remained animals.

on October, 4th - Veterinary surgeons begin vaccination of animals in all territory of village.

on October, 8th - On a cheek at Ishakovoj there is an itching stain, then a hypostasis and an ulcer.

On October, 10th - Iskhakov`s pensioner is converted into hospital and it place in infectious branch with suspicion on the Siberian ulcer.

on October, 11th - to Ufa in the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii send analyses of the ill pensioner. The same day quarantine appears in village Kovardy. On departures from village cordons of veterinary surgeons and militia are established. In Kovardy do not pass any car. Local residents are forbidden to take out from village meat, milk and animals.

on October, 13th - From the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii acknowledgement comes that Iskhakov is really sick of the Siberian ulcer.

on October, 17th - In village Kovardy and three nearby villages the inoculation of people a vaccine from the Siberian ulcer begins. It is at the moment vaccinated more than 1000 persons.


Signs of illness at the person appear in two days after zarazhenijasibirskaja an ulcer - the dangerous infectious disease passed to the person from animals. Illness first signs appear on the second - the third day after infection. - the consulting physician " speaks; first aid Bogolyubov`s Love. - there are skin, pulmonary, intestinal or septic (blood is surprised) disease forms.

more often, in 95 cases from hundred, there is a skin form of disease. If into time to be converted to the doctor, it recovers. And other forms difficultly give in to treatment and are very life-threatening.

signs: the skin form of illness first of all is shown there where the infection has got to a body of the person. At first there is a red itching speck which turns to a vial filled with a liquid. Increase limfouzly. Body temperature raises to 38 - 40 S

Inoculations from the Siberian ulcer do ADVICE free of charge!

How to save itself and livestock from awful illness to readers the chief protivoepizooticheskogo department of republican management of veterinary science of Ilshat Samigullin advises:

- To Rescue pets from infection with the Siberian ulcer it is possible unique way - to impart. Regional veterinary surgeons absolutely free of charge do every year vaccines krupnorogatomu to cattle, sheep and horses. For this purpose it is necessary to be converted into veterinary service of area.

- to distinguish Siberian it is an ulcer or not, the expert can only. So, as soon as at burenki the temperature will rise - run to vetvrachu.

- Picks up an infection the person can at care of a sick animal or a cattle face. That it does not happen, it is necessary to observe the elementary measures of personal hygiene: to wash hands before meal and to wipe their pure towel.

- one more way to catch the Siberian ulcer to the person - to eat meat of a sick animal. Do not buy beef privately at private traders. To be reserved by meat it is possible only in shops and in the markets. Only there all meat passes veterinarno - sanitary examination and it is absolutely safe.