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Instead of one concert Shevchyuk will give whole three!

undoubtedly, any musician the Bashkir public does not wait with such impatience, as legendary rokera for Yury Shevchyuk, recently awarded rank of the National actor of republic. Especially, in connection with carrying over of an October concert of group DDT for December, 15th.

we will remind, Yury Julianovich has made decision to exclude Ufa from the schedule of the big tour tour, that as he has told, not to accept participation in any political actions, and also in those actions which can be used in politichesko - the state games . Better to say, Shevchyuk has decided to wait a hard time of elections and to act already after it will end. Hearings recently have spread that the long-awaited concert of legendary group can be again transferred, after all at all the fact that elections will end in one tour. Behind an explanation it was converted to the director of group DDT To Alik Timoshenko.

- the concert in Ufa will take place on December, 15th at any deal. So all who has got tickets in sports Palace, can not be stirred, - has explained Timoshenko.

moreover, instead of one concert in December group DDT will give whole three in republic. On December, 17th the group will act in the Sterlitamaksky recreation centre Rubber with the same program which will sound on December, 15th in the Ufa Palace of sports. It is called Leningrad. Petersburg. Petrogradishche also includes compositions from group latest albums. As to the third concert it will pass that is called, under requests of workers on December, 18th in the Ufa City recreation centre. National actor RB and group DDT have prepared for the most devoted admirers the program consisting of songs favourite by the people.

in a word, in the Palace of sports and in the City recreation centre there will be absolutely different two concerts. The second concert in Ufa has not been planned, and it becomes the present gift ufimtsam which did not hear the fellow countryman more than two years.


How to meet Yury Shevchyuk

Dear readers! Our newspaper gives you unique possibility personally to meet with legendary rokerom, and also to get on any of three concerts of group DDT .

the Participant of competition will need to answer one not so simple question. But we think, for Shevchyuk`s true admirers it will be not too difficult.

so, in 1972 Yury Shevchyuk then - the pupil of the eighth class, has gone for the first time on a concert which passed in Ufa as the spectator.

I remember, there was a wild crush. To me then so have strongly pressed a hand that I could not play two months a guitar, - Yury Julianovich remembers. - Group No To Co gave the present fate. In the first branch - the Polish platform, and in the second... I know several guitarists who have broken the guitars after that a concert!

so, our question: Whose compositions were executed in the second branch?

Variants of answers:
Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
Deep Purple

we Wait for your answers till December, 1st to the address of the author of this note.