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The marten nearly has not ruined dealers fur coats

the Small animal has got into shop and pogryz some expensive coats

Almost month sellers of one of shopping centres of Ufa were afraid to go for work. As they said, they have been assured that in department of toys the poltergeist was got. At night someone in children`s department dumped from toy shelves. In two weeks the poltergeist has moved in department where traded in fur coats and winter boots from a genuine leather. The gatecrasher has here again guided the order, moreover and has fairly spoilt the goods: pogryz fur coats, and from several pairs boots remained one tatter.

in department have put a tracking camera and soon the wrecker it was lighted on a video film. It was found out that in all misfortunes the marten is guilty. As the wild animal has got to shop city centre till now remains a riddle.

From frustration sellers of fur coats, were ready to poison a harmful animal, yes the hand has not risen, after all the marten decorates the arms of Ufa, is its symbol.

it was found out later that else before exposure the poltergeist at night a marten saw security guards. But to it and to a head did not come that the marten can do a lot of mischief.

- we sit, as - that, the TV we look, the department store was already closed, - the security guard Michael Mineev tells. - Suddenly I look, from a publicity board something has fallen. At me the grandfather the hunter was, therefore I have understood at once that it is a marten. Grey, all from a dust.

security guards tried to feed the night guest bread, but that only has smelt an entertainment. A marten ate exclusively mice and when all has caught - was accepted to fur coats.

to catch an animal in huge department store has left three days. To catch a small animal have called hunters. Eventually, the city symbol has got in usual krysolovku and the wounded marten have brought to veterinary surgeons.

- It has not been strongly wounded - phalanxes on a pad are broken, - Valery Ksenofontov has told zamglavnogo vetvracha Ufa, - Have processed ranku as it is necessary: have washed out, have redressed, have entered an antibiotic. It on a broader scale - that was cheerful and its status quite satisfactory. So we have released it this very day in lesochke on departure from Ufa. It the next day will remove bandage from herself, and danger to a pad is not present any.