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The writer has seized at heroes of the book of 30 thousand roubles

In such sum Leonid Fedorov has estimated the beaten out tooth and the torn eardrum

already told story of the homebrew writer from Village Djurtjuli (sm from July, 27th, 2005). On 300 - letie native village 68 - summer pensioner Leonid Fedorov has written the book - history of Djurtjulej. From - for books, the village in 170 court yard was divided into two camps. Someone has estimated Leonid Fedorova`s creation as truthful, and someone has counted all written by lies and the reviling.

on this soil one of characters of product - fellow villager Peter Trofimov has beaten the pensioner. Leonid Fedorov has paid with the torn eardrum and the beaten out tooth. The writer has brought an action against the fighter, and Peter Trofimov and more 10 inhabitants of village - the counterclaim about honour and dignity protection.

business was considered by the world judge. However, actually business is not has reached a sentence. Unexpectedly, Peter Trofimov has gone on the world. The parties have signed the agreement supposedly claims to each other have no.

- I on world have gone only provided that to me will compensate financially sustained physical injuries and moral harm. - Leonid Fedorov tells.

Peter Trofimov did not begin to mind and has there and then paid to the writer of 30 thousand roubles. Leonid Alekseevich has put on use money: after scandal with the first knigojon writings has not refused, and to the contrary - conducts work, already at once over two products. One of them - the biography of the woman from village Djurtjuli, a place of Tipvarga. The book is based on memoirs of the real inhabitant, and Leonid Alekseevich has acted as the co-author. However, this time he has solved, from a sin far away, to put an assumed name of the heroine.