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The militiaman became the invalid, searching for horses

After failure on a hang-glider of Ramilju Hunafinu the ensign of militia Ramil Hunafin together with the skilled pilot from Kumertau was necessary to amputate a hand

Some days ago has risen in air on a motor-hang-glider.

- before it there was a problem - to find herd of horses which have stolen some days ago from village Novopetrovka, - have told in a call centre Hajbullinsky ROVD. - Flying about territory, deltoplan has departed for limits of Bashkiria, to the Orenburg region where there was a misfortune.

there is more than hundred horses were gone still on October, 12th. They were searched by the pedestrian groups, the helicopter of rescuers and that deltoplan Ural Mountains .

Under the preliminary version, Ramil has casually touched the heated engine and on it the jacket has lighted up. Fire was threw and on deltoplan. The pilot has crash-landed in Medical Nogorosky area of the Orenburg area near to settlement Bljavtamak. The passenger has got strong burns of 3 and 4 degrees, has especially got to a back and a hand. The victim have brought to local hospital.

the status of the militiaman was so heavy that doctors were afraid to transport Ramilja to Bashkiria. In Ufa the poor creature hospitalised in burn branch where some days it has lain in resuscitation. To it did not start up neither colleagues, nor native.

- it now in consciousness, mood normal. If all is good, soon we will translate it in simple chamber, - everything that doctors have told about a state of health of Ramilja to us.

As it became known, saving life of the militiaman, doctors had to amputate to it a hand. This information to us the chief Hajbulinsky ROVD has confirmed Rais Distanov.

- Ramil the courageous guy, it will not break, - he has told by phone. - after it will write out, it is going to return to work to militia.