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In Ufa of Rum the Beast has recanted from the wife

During tours the soloist of group Beasts has denied hearings that Charming soloist Roman Bilyh by a nickname the Beast has got married

operates on young girls simply magnetically. Gets that is called, from a half-turn. However, a part of the most devoted fanatok for quite some time now have plunged almost into mourning: in a press messages have started gleaming that Rum married.

- saw a photo? The same simply horror! Any silly woman, krashenaja - young creations shared before a concert, with insult pursing lips. - speak, it with it goes now by tour.

- rum, and what the wife has really arrived with you? - Has first of all taken an interest still the wife?! - The Beast genuinely was surprised. - I single.

- it Means again a yellow press has gambolled also thy fanatki can while to calm down. By the way, and you could marry the fan?

- I do not know, did not try. If you are well-known and is not poor, it is very difficult to find to yourself the girl. You keep mind: why she wants to be with me? Perhaps wants to take away a part of glory and money. At one time I even have ceased to get acquainted with girls. But if all life to be afraid of people, - you will die old and to nobody necessary And fanatki, in overwhelming majority, are not ready to serious relations. Such 95 %! Those who is ready on bolshee - percent five. The limit of dreams of the majority - to sit with me nearby, to come to be together behind a table. They precisely will not go to hostel, even it is not necessary to invite.

- Something is believed hardly.

- there is one more percent, ready on all. But it is prostitutes.

- who could think that at fashionable musicians such problems. But fanatki will be happy: they have a chance or how?

- Well. Any girl has a chance. And on a broader scale, we now write the book, about ourselves. Many after all at all do not represent that it means: Constant tours, concerts Think that we batsaem under plywood constantly we thump, and we have then a good time with telkami And we want to tell that such, for example, saundchek. Why rehearsal is necessary for us - we play only alive!