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In Vladikavkaz to the woman instead of the native son have given another`s dead kid

From history which to me Marina, stynet has told blood in veins and the hair stands on end. On seventh of November last year in maternity home at republican hospital of the North Ossetia she has given birth to the long-awaited son. Happy parents named boy Sarnat. One inspired trouble: the kid was born seven-mouth, with weight of all hardly more than two kgs. But the pediatrist observing the child, has assured the woman: “ your son is absolutely healthy. At it the second blood type, a Rhesus factor positive “.

Three days Marina lived, as in a fairy tale: at it all is perfect, houses wait the loving husband and three daughters. And it began to plan on the future in which the main place will be occupied with its sonny …

- I oslabla after operation, but for the second day has risen - wanted to descend to look at the boy, - Marina speaks. - however to the child me have not started up. It appears, it have translated in resuscitation with the diagnosis “ Respiratory insufficiency “. Doctors unanimously assured: “ No trouble, for seven-mouth it is quite normal “. And after three days have informed that Sarnat has died.

to Marina`s Husband, Dzhenalu, have given the children`s little body wrapped in some layers of polyethylene. Have told: “ With such pathologies the child did not have chances of life … “. While the woman restored forces in maternity home, Dzhenal has buried the kid.

After an extract Marina has learnt that to the husband have not drawn the conclusion from a mortuary. Then she has gone to pathologists. Hardly to it have given an extract, having read which, Marina hardly has not fainted. Doctors diagnosed a children`s cerebral paralysis, and also heavy pathologies of lungs and kidneys for the child.

- But the most awful - the child whom we had time to bury, had other blood type - the fourth! My son was born with the second, as well as his father, at me - the third! - Marina weepingly whispers. Also adds is not my son.

Now Bajnatovy reproach themselves that have not opened a package with a body at once, have not achieved the repeated conclusion.

- I was in an awful status, - Dzhenal sighs. - could not force to look at itself at the dead son. Late we have come round …

with God Bajmatovy pestered republican Office of Public Prosecutor: ten times sent petitions for exhumation to public prosecutor Vladimir Shtadleru. There each time refused, referring to absence of a criminal component. Have offered eksgumirovat a body of the child at own expense. Yes only this procedure not from cheap - now it costs an order of 15 thousand roubles. And such money at Bajmatovyh is not present.

In September of this year they had one more misfortune - has burnt down the house.

the Family was on the street - without things, documents and means of subsistence. They were sheltered by relatives, another`s people have helped with clothes. Now Bajmatovy try to survive on pension which is received by Marina`s oldest daughter from first marriage after  destruction of the father, in 1141 rouble, moreover on “ nurseries “ - 750 roubles on all three girls. Dzhenal searches for work - in Alagire where there lives a family, this business uneasy.

- One man`s guess is as good as another`s, a leah nasobiraju I when - nibud these of 15 thousand, - cry Marina. - Has tried to achieve exhumation through the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia, but also there have not helped. Has in this time read many articles how children substitute in maternity homes, sell for the big money in childless families abroad … I try not to think about bad, but I know - my son is live. Mother always feels it heart ….

on Eighteenth of October Marina Bajmatova tried to phone on “ the Direct line “ to the president of Russia. Could not. But in call - the centre to it have responded: “ your question will pass the president. It it is obligatory on it will respond “.

Marina and Dzhenal believe that the first person of their country when - nibud will hear. Also will help with a misfortune. It is more it to hope there is nobody …