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In the Stavropol pensioners have become interested in Europe

Stavropol in the eleventh time has taken part in project conference Healthy cities which this year has passed in the city of Rennes in France and has collected 328 representatives from 35 countries. By the way, the regional centre was the second city of Russia which began to participate in this project. And townspeople already had time to feel on themselves results of this participation - the exchange of experience with colleagues from every corner of the globe allows a city administration to create and develop as much as possible effectively all conditions necessary for healthy and active life of the townspeople. And the special attention is given to elderly inhabitants. To it is that and one of reports of the Stavropol delegation which has called a great interest the gathered has been devoted.

- For us it is a great honour, - has told the director of committee of social policy, the assistant to the head of administration of a city of Stavropol to Valentine MURAVEVA, - after all the rights to address to have received conference not many, selection of reports was extremely strict.

And to tell to our delegates it was valid that!

Before to start directly a program embodiment in life, in Stavropol have conducted serious research and have found out from older persons what, first of all, they need. As it was found out, the main problem of the elderly person - loneliness, therefore the program made taking into account it. Not so long ago in Stavropol left the Profile of health of older persons of a city of Stavropol which for many became the reference book. In it all useful addresses and phones for people of old age - social shops, hairdresser`s, various mugs on interests and health groups, the centres of the psychological help and much - many other things are collected. Besides, the city administration pays to elderly citizens (to who has for this purpose medical indications) pool visitations.

It is necessary to tell, on participants of conference huge impression have made the story how the well-known trainer Vasily Skakun is engaged with pensioners in yoga (in Stavropol hobby for it has already outgrown in the whole movement), and a photo from one of employment. By the way, this photo has taken the second place in the European photocompetition on a subject Healthy longevity .

Besides the organisation of a healthy way of life of older persons, at conference others were discussed also not less pressing questions: healthy city planning, physical activity, health of migrants.

- Obviously one, - Valentine Nikolaevna has summed up. - This project is very important and actual, that is why - will live.