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To buy apartment it is possible without damage to the family budget

This program young pairs of our republic waited for a long time, after all very few people would like to live under one roof with the mother-in-law or the mother-in-law, especially in a close one-room flat. “ already wrote about the youth program (see ““ for July, 22nd of this year) . We will remind, if spouses are not more senior 30 years, there live in marriage a minimum 3 years and are registered in apartment where on one member of a family it is necessary less than 8 square metres of a floor space it is safely possible to name them needing improvement of living conditions. They can or obtain the long-term credit (in t. ch. Mortgage) on building or habitation acquisition or to take part in share building on favourable terms, or to obtain an urgent loan in the form of building materials. For them the youth program - it is simple - taki rescue in the decision of a room question.

before recent time, according to this program, the young couple could apply for habitation reception, having brought 30 % from cost of apartment as an initial payment with instalments for 5 years. At what young family, tell, there is such money? And how - 5 years - it is possible to pay so large sum for such short term?

now to solve this problem begins where easier. As the chief financially - an economic board of Presidential Administration RB Ulfat Mustafin has informed, one of these days, to be exact on November, 14th, the Decision " has been signed; About additional measures on realisation of the Republican program of the state support of the young families needing improvement of living conditions on 2003 - 2010 “ In this Decision it is told that henceforth participants of the Republican program can get habitation, having brought only 15 % as an initial payment with instalments of 10 years.

we will result a small example. We will admit, the young family wants to get 2 - room apartment in Sipajlovo in cost of 600 thousand rbl.
Earlier (to 14. 11. 03) Tεοεπό (after 14. 11. 03)
the Initial payment of 30 % (180 thousand rbl.) 15 % (90 thousand rbl.)
Installments of 5 years of 10 years
Monthly payments 7000 rbl. 4250 rbl.
Agree, the new Decision gives more chances to young families to get habitation.
moreover, one day later and. An island of president RB Raphael Bajdavletov has signed the Order about creation of the Commission concerning the Republican program as a part of 13 (!) The person. They should track that apartments have sufficed on completion of housing needs of young families (and it means that the volume of building of habitation with application of typical design decisions and taking into account social norms of the area of habitation), and also behind that actions for depreciation of under construction houses have been developed will be increased.

it is natural, realisation of this program will demand additional financing. But that you will not make in order that to young and needing families in our republic was easier.

what documents should be collected to the participant of the youth program:
- the inquiry on family structure (from ZHEU);
- a copy financially - the personal account (from ZHEU);
- the inquiry that you need improvement of living conditions (from a place of work or area administration);
- the inquiry on absence or presence in the habitation property;
- the inquiry on the cumulative family income for last 6 months.
These documents to you should be brought in department on affairs of youth of the city or area.
More than 10000 pairs in republic and more than 2500 young families across Ufa are recognised by needing improvement of living conditions.
Receive apartment without entering of an initial payment young families can:
) working in budgetary sphere;
moved to work in countryside;
being a large family;
if one of spouses - the participant of operations in the Chechen Republic.