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VIA Gra searched in Ufa for the gynecologist

Sexy beauties wanted, that it assisted them in a hit Biology

Recently at stars a new fashion: to pull out spectators on a scene - let will a little sing, will dance, - that all the same it is not necessary to share the fee. Interested persons usually are, especially, when on a scene such sexy beauties, as Nadja, Belief and Albina from group VIA Gra .

to Admire on garnyh divchin many have wanted ufimtsy: on Monday in Fires of Ufa there was a notice. Appetizing forms of girls as a magnet drew to themselves man`s sights. During execution of a song of Serdjuchki If you have some for thirty the Trinity has decided to invite mass meeting - local princes .

- We heard that at you here on oil industry workers learn. We, girls while are free. Perhaps at you here princes Let`s find. There are in a hall future magnates? Give to us! - set on girls public.

long to persuade princes it was not necessary - guys and have got on a scene. And here to find the assistant in the most important hit Biology it has appeared uneasy.

- in a hall there are professors, biologists, and it is better gynecologists?! - Girls in a microphone giggled. But female doctors if those also were in a hall, have preferred to admire beauties from places.

VIA Gra in Ufa already the second time. But in present structure for the first time. The newcomer, ryzhenkaja, Albina - in collective about one year. It has got to group under the recommendation of former chief Valery Meladze for which worked in quality bek - vocalists. The girl admitted that only having got to popular group has opened for itself worthiness mini - skirts. Earlier it did not carry them. It and is clear, after all at Meladze for it the main thing was to sing and especially not to be shone. By the way, ufimtsy have decided that she sings best. Anything surprising, unlike Nadi and the Belief, not having special music education, the girl has finished Gnesinsky school.

Chernenkuju Nadju, to the old resident and, it is possible to tell, rodonachalnitsu the collective, many ufimtsy did not recognise. And the girl simply cut hair and has a little changed colour. From the burning brunette has turned to the dark brown-haired woman.

the blonde the Belief on the journey has strongly caught a cold, to Ufa from Kazan girls reached eight hours by the bus. She had even to buy antibiotics for what the girl has asked the driver of a smart limousine to brake for the nearest drugstore in Ufa. But in the evening at a concert she felt quite tolerably - public has noticed nothing.