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Ufimtsy picketed embassy of Switzerland

So parents of children who were lost in an air crash, have supported Vitaly Kaloyev

Yesterday in Switzerland process on Vitaly Kaloyev`s business which accuse of murder of the dispatcher of the company " has begun; Skajgajd Petera Nilsen. We will remind, what exactly Peter was on duty that night when there was an accident in the sky over Germany. 2 - go July, 2002 Vitaly has lost all family.

in the first day of court over Vitaly Kaloyev to embassy of Switzerland in Moscow.

some tens persons have come. Slogans in Russian, English iosetinskom languages, flags of republic North Ossetia and a photo of children who were lost in an air crash 2 - go July, 2002 over Boden sea.

- we want to know truth, and till now in ignorance. We want spravedlivogosuda over Sky Guide . Why today judge Kaloyev, but not shvejtsarskujukompaniju? Has passed three years, and business has not moved off dead centre! - Tells Rome Sufimov. It and more five persons have arrived on picket from Ufa. They parents of victims three years ago schoolboys. Ufimtsy even wanted to go on court to Switzerland, but did not leave: lawyers had not time to issue the invitation, and without it to act on process it is impossible. On picket besides posters relatives have armed photos of children.

the petition with the requirement to judge the Swiss company Sky Guide roditeliperedali in the Swiss embassy. In the same direction rabotajutamerkanskie the lawyers employed by committee of parents and relatives of victims.

Vitalik, keep! The Osset people with you! - relatives and acquaintances semikaloeva, its young compatriots too have staid three hours on a cold ushvejtsarskogo embassies.

- about Vitalii Kaloyev remember all. In Vladikavkaz people too left tsentralnujuploshchad. We understand it and we are converted to the world community. - spoke holding a meeting.

Today, on October, 26th, picket in Moscow will repeat.