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Ufimets has braided the armed predators

Robbers wanted to earn on wedding

On Sunday in eight mornings ufimtsev Sokolovyh has woken a call to apartment. When 35 - summer Dmitry has opened a door, two muzhiks have broken into the house in masks.

- one has attacked on me, and another has run in apartment, - Sokolov remembers. - I tried to braid attacking and have seen at it a sawn-off shotgun.

Dmitry has snatched out the weapon and has knocked a butt of the robber on the head. Yes so that that has burst, and the criminal has fallen. Sokolov has rushed for the second predator. Has unmasked the guy and was stupefied: before it there was its subordinate, 20 - summer Sergey Drozdovich worked two years as the seller of autospare parts for Sokolov.

- I have understood what to run senselessly and began to wait militia. - will tell Drozdovich later in an insulator.

Poddelnik Sergey has regained consciousness and has run out from apartment. Dmitry has rushed to a pursuit. It has braided the predator already in the street. Sokolovy have called militia and have handed over criminals Lukewarm .

the Second robber had appeared 38 - Sergey`s summer uncle with the rich criminal past Peter Sobinov. On Friday Sergey has come to the aunt, to tell about preparation for wedding. Bride Drozdovicha was already on the third month of pregnancy, and to get married they should on November, 18th. The uncle began to line it on business . A pier, on wedding you will earn. Sergey now marries and the firstborn will see not soon. For the armed robbery to it threatens till ten years of imprisonment.

and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria is going to encourage Dmitry Sokolova for detention of dangerous criminals.