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The deputy of State meeting Edward Murzin has undressed in Sex with Anfisoj Chehovoj

the Telecast will go on the air channel TNT during week-end

In a sabbatical aether of transfer Sex with Anfisoj Chehovoj the deputy of State meeting Edward Murzin will take part. Heroes of transfer will argue on a subject of unisex love.

- as - that in the evening I was called by the girl with very pleasant voice and has told that her name is Edika, and that she wants, that I participated in a telecast, - Edward as it has appeared on TNT has explained. - Anfisa always raised Me, therefore I have agreed at once.

that part Sex with Anfisoj Chehovoj in which Edward participates, removed in edition the gay - magazine Kvir in an office of its editor Eda Mishina. We will remind, with it Edward tried to get married in the last winter, but any of the Russian courts have not allowed them to make it.

- at Anfisy I have told such story. Once, I have sat on cold stones and have caught a cold. The doctor has appointed to me instead of treatment massage predstatelnoj glands. Having gone on the first session, I have understood that blue I will become never. It so . Unpleasantly To such things predisposition should be had

- From - for your glories of the defender blue, there are no problems with fellow workers?

is to the contrary helps, to solve problems, for example, with heads of areas and cities. When I will promise to arrive and kiss - they as - that start to repair to grandmothers of a pipe faster, are expensive to repair

In transfer will show a fragment of a home video of Edward. The deputy will appear before spectators in red boxing cowards.

by the way, with Anfisoj Edward and has not met. The TV presenter removed at this time other plot for the transfer.