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In Naberezhnye Chelny Alla Pugacheva restored aura?

after treatment at a concert the Prima donna admitted Orenburg that has looked younger for 12 years

Having learnt that in JUmatovo there has arrived the doctor recently treating Alla Pugachevu, correspondents have gone at once to sanatorium. It has appeared that in Bashkiria Garifullin already in the second time - and from interested persons to recover, the release is not present. On 10 - dnevnyj a course 50 persons have registered nearby. Today Garifullin has returned to Vjatsky Glades.

Ramil Shamsirahmanovich has accepted me in the number. The dictophone has forbidden to include. To be photographed too has refused flatly. And at once has warned that to questions on Alla Borisovny`s treatment will not respond - medical secret. But nevertheless it has slightly opened a veil of secrecy. - if at it all was good, she to me was not converted. As the patient, it very simple. Carried out all procedures.

With these words, Ramil Garifullin has got from a suitcase a plastic file with two photos and a sheet of paper of a format And - 4.

- Here everything that I can show. When we have met it, it has shown me this photo and has told: Ramil, I want, that you have made me such, as here . I have responded that I will do the utmost. And it became such. Here it has given me such interview and has signed. - Garifullin has shown on a sheet of paper assured by the autograph of Primadony. - Now at it all is ideal. On all indicators.

on a leaf by rough handwriting it is deduced: Has arrived with girl-friend Alina, at which, problems with (it is written illegibly - a comment of the author), to the old familiar doctor GRSH (Garifullinu Ramilju Shamsirahmanovichu, a bus comment) . Alla Borisovna on the threshold of long tours has decided to have a rest and podpitat the power field. All experts, experts know that Alla Borisovna possesses a powerful biopower field. Sometimes the doctor of medical sciences and parapsychologist Garifullin Ramil helps it vosstanovlivat its powerful power field. As it a lot of the energy gives to people on tours. As main energet the International union of parapsychologists Garifullin speaks: that Alla Borisovna always was, is and will be the best singer of Russia. The sky the nature and I will help it with it .

- Now it is absolutely healthy. Alla Borisovna even on one of the last concerts, in Orenburg, admitted that after my treatment has looked younger for 12 years. - Pugacheva has signed Ramilju Garifullinu not only small interview but also that photo: Ramilju from Alla

- Raz Pugacheva at you has passed course of treatment, you, probably, and Ufa vip - persons treat?

- is such who comes to me.

surnames of the Ufa celebrities, the doctor, besides having referred to medical secret, has refused to name. In magazine where all patients are written down, known surnames too have not appeared. As it was found out, vip - clients go under the special arrangement and in their general lists, certainly and cannot be.

while I talked to the doctor in a corridor the whole turn has gathered. Having said goodbye to me, Garifullin has left from one of patients on a session. Among patients about the doctor whom they call the wizard from Vjatsky Glades, legends go. To someone the cancer has cured, to someone the child has found, as which for a long time all considered as the victim. According to patients, the doctor does not undertake those patients who cannot be helped.

- so if it undertook to treat, - means, the result will be.

Treatment together with a complex of grasses which need to be accepted within a year cost about six thousand rubles. On hearings, the Tonic had to lay out for the treatment many times more.