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The Minister of Education of RB Zugura Rahmatullina: Awards on 100 thousand roubles by Day of the teacher will receive 363 teachers

- Value of the national project is very great. How the education sphere in republic will qualitatively change? That you as ministrobrazovanija our region expect otnatsionalnogo the project?

- the Priority national project Education has allowed not prostopodderzhat innovative establishments, the best teachers, talantlivujumolodezh, to raise level of educational work at schools. We work which year in republic nadusileniem education roles in education. Realisation of programs Formation of the citizen of new Bashkortostan Spiritually - moral education of rising generation will proceed and in coming educational year. The main thing - the national project has allowed to reveal leaders - those schools and technical teachers which act as carriers of new quality of education inaibolee are claimed by a society. The first year of realisation prioritetnogonatsionalnogo the project has prepared a basis for start of complex regional projects of the upgrade including new system oplatytruda, podushevye principles of distribution of resources, public uchastiev management of education, change of approaches for an estimation of quality of education. Figuratively being expressed, the national project became dress rehearsal to transition on kachestvennonovyj level of system changes vblizhajshie years.

- as realisation of the national project now moves ahead?

- it is a lot of Work. It is concluded ivypolnjaetsja a number pravitelstvennyhsoglasheny about interaction after project realisation, granting of the financial help on payment of compensation to class teachers, introduction innovative programmv educational institutions, about equipment of schools uchebno - the evident equipment and buses. poinitsiative our ministry are concluded and agreements smunitsipalitetami are carried out. In frameworks drugihproektov - Health RazvitieAPK Accessible and komfortnoezhile - to citizens of Russia - cooperation on mezhvedomstvennomurovne on support pedagogicheskihrabotnikov in the long term would be very useful, and etc. We prepare for a professional training offers in the republic Government on this question. In 2007 in the national project one more direction will be added: competitive support of establishments nachalnogoi average vocational training, is necessary serious podgotovkak to participation in this competition. aktivnovkljuchilis pupils of republic and vnedavno the declared open All-Russia competition creative rabotuchashchihsja My class - the most class!!! . On the instructions of Pravitelstvasejchas we prepare offers in the order of distribution educational, uchebno - the evident equipment and avtobusovdlja the educational institutions located in countryside. More than 170 rural schools of republic this year will receive buses. About 500 schools - offices of physics, chemistry, biology, geography, interactive boards. It is essential support from federal and republican budgets.

- the first notable results the national project uzhepokazal: this summer 109 shkolrespubliki have received on one million roubles. What it is schools and on what money will be spent?

- These grants among schools were distributed on a competitive basis with uchastiemobshchestvennyh experts. Winners of a steel 54 rural and 55 gorodskihobshcheobrazovatelnyh the establishments conducting innovative activity. Civil associations have noticed iotsenili in development programs etihshkol convincing answers to social inquiries. Means in respublikuuzhe have arrived. With all direktoramishkol - winners consultations on questions organizatsiizakupok and the auctions are carried out. The sum - that considerable! Support from federal bjudzhetaprednaznachena it is exclusive dljapriobretenija the labware, the software, upgrade of educational classes and preparation of teachers of educational institutions, and also for financing of the actions directed on realisation of the purposes further innovative razvitijaobshcheobrazovatelnogo of the establishment. Our schoolboys should poluchatluchshee education.

- Zugura Jaganurovna, tell, how much schools in nashejrespublike within the limits of the national project Education Equip with computers and will connect kseti the Internet?

- the Internet access today uzheimejut 46 % of high schools of republic, but in many cases information transfer rate was low. Broadband access, which within the limits of the priority national project Education will receive 2677 schools of republic, provides high speed peredachiinformatsii and a due communication quality. At republican meeting vnurimanovskom area we prosiliglav administrations to convert on etovnimanie and to prepare working mestadlja establishments of access to a network the Internet according to all technical requirements. Equipment zadva year of all schools access to the Internet will open new possibilities poprovedeniju remote lessons ikonsultatsy, including in selskihshkolah in which the best teachers who have received from the state sootvetstvujushcheedenezhnoe encouragement could take part. Work in etomplane in republic is conducted. Very timely there was an initiative of the Bashkir state pedagogical university of M.Akmully who has offered the services in formation uniform regional is information - communications system and regional obrazovatelnogointernet - a portal. From its part, we have provided with the necessary equipment all regional and city centres of the pedagogical information.

- in our republic vsegdabylo it is a lot of talantlivoji clever youth. Here and EGEgod from a year it is the best in the country write. The national project will give what possibilities to such children?

- you are right, our schoolboys and students really please all with the successes. This year they very successfully acted on the All-Russia, international Olympic Games, competitions and forums. For the first time stolitsabashkortostana became a venue All-Russia olimpiadyshkolnikov in chemistry. Total of the medals won in it goduna the All-Russia subject Olympic Games, on 62 % more than in proshlomgodu. In total already to 80 number of worthy applicants for awards (60 and 30 thousand roubles) within the limits of the national project - is so much at us winners and prize-winners Russian and regionalnogomasshtaba. Besides, in respublikebudet to extend and the system stipendial and grantovoj podderzhkimolodyh talents.

- the national project assumes stimulation not only pupils, but also teachers. ZuguraJAganurovna, tell, how it budetproishodit?

- Support of teachers is carried out and will proceed both on liniinatsionalnogo the project, and out of it. This year it is considerable uvelichenyrazmery awards to winners and winners of republican competitions of professional skill - the Teacher of year and the Teacher bashkirskogojazyka and literatures . For the first time republican competition of teachers of additional education of children is held. The essential factor of motivating to development of educational potential of pedagogical shots stalukaz the President of Republic Bashkortostan about payments to class teachers of the educational institutions which earlier have been not included in natsionalnyjproekt. Now extra fee at a rate of thousand roubles vmesjats receive in ours 32,5 thousand class teachers. The further perfection of procedures of selection, the account of all results and operating time of the first competition, simplification of procedures both for participants, and for experts and by that - transparency increase iobektivnosti is necessary. It is very important not to lose developing network of experts, to use this obshchestvennyjresurs for problems of a development of education more widely. And, of course, at all levels we are necessary for promoting formirovanijusoobshchestv innovative schools iluchshih teachers, to make widely known their experience, as much as possible uchesti to use potential pobeditelejpri the decision of various problems of education modernisation.

? - Zugura Jaganurovna how will distribute awards 100 thousand roubles and budetli chance at teachers in sledujushchemuchebnom to year to receive such zhepremii?

- Winners are already revealed, we expect signing prikazaministerstva education inauki the Russian Federation. Awards at a rate of 100 tysjachrublej by Day of the teacher budutpooshchreny 363 best uchiteljarespubliki. The chance prinjatuchastie in competition and poluchitpremiju is available for each teacher. Certainly, pretendovatna the award all interested persons can. A quota for 2007 while neustanovlena. I hope that vsledujushchem year money poluchatne has less than teachers, than vetom.

- One of directions of realisation of the national project had been declared education for military men. Leah will create in military men chastjahrespubliki the educational centres of initial vocational training for military men-srochnikov?

- In February of this year nasheministerstvo left with the initiative about creation in republic territory uchebnogotsentra initial vocational training on bazeodnoj bodies. Have received the answer otom that creation podobnyhtsentrov in republic territory in 2006 is not provided. Bashkortostanraspolagaet one of the most powerful in stranesistemoj initial professionalnogoobrazovanija, the fourth godpodrjad occupies the first mestavo All-Russia konkursahpodgotovki citizens to voennojsluzhbe. Therefore we were converted on the big teachers` meeting which has taken place in republic 11 in Nurimanovsky area, to the Minister of Education inauki A.A.Fursenko with prosbojuchest these moments at definition together with the Minister of Defence of Russia of a disposition provided natsionalnymproektom the centres.

- One week ago in nashejrespublike the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation AndrejFursenko has visited. About what it was possible with nimdogovoritsja? What impression on it was made by our republic?

- Andrey Aleksandrovich has highly appreciated raboturespubliki vsfere upgrades obrazovanijai sciences, in area podgotovkipedagogicheskihkadrov, supports of teachers - innovators, the best educational institutions, talented youth. I can tell with confidence that Bashkortostan - one izliderov Russian education where it is a lot of vnimanijaudeljaetsja to this sphere. I am glad the eyes to see, how schools are under construction, develop naukai education, problems in region " are solved; - the minister has noted.