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To Moslems of Bashkiria have explained, when it is possible to do abortions

Nurmuhammat Nigmatullin has published corresponding fetvu

After the reference against abortions of representatives hristianstvasvoe is not present artificial interruption of pregnancy was voiced also by representatives of Muslim belief.

one of these days the chairman of Spiritual management of Moslems of Bashkortostan Nurmuhammat Nigmatullin has published fetvu in which has explained, kogdapravovernym it is possible for Moslems, and when it is impossible to do abortions with tochkizrenija Sheriyat.

as have told in Spiritual management of Moslems, in dokumentesobrany endurances from various Muslim writs.

neither financial difficulties, nor casual ilinezhelatelnaja pregnancy cannot become the abortion reason - it is necessary to give birth.

but, on musulmanskimjuridicheskim to norms, viskljuchitelnyh sluchajahabort nevertheless it is possible and even it is necessary to do. For example, if beremennostugrozhaet to life and health of mother. Vtorajaprichina for abortion - when at the child still narannem term of pregnancy doctors obnaruzhatvrozhdennye developmental anomalies, which budutprinosit to it poslerozhdenija heavy physical travails .