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Check of summer cafes in Ufa: sellers do not wash a hand and cover even controllers

Checking full insanitary conditions

experts of Rospotrebnadzora have amazed One of these days have spent the big check: as owners of cafes fulfil sanitary requirements.

- for today in Ufa 225 summer cafes from which 122 on the central platforms and in city parks, - a deputy head of Territorial administration Rospotrebnadzora on RB Nasima Kuchimova tells. - We have bypassed only 50, a picture depressing. The most frequent infringement - absence of water dljamytja hands and the water drain. For example, in park “ Petrochemists “ all six cafes are not connected to a waterpipe though everywhere fry a shish kebab. Such zheproblema in all 15 cafes on quay White, near the Friendship monument. Besides, a shish kebab, shaurmu and plov here gotovjats rough infringements of sanitary rules. And in one of cafe in park Gafuri was not dazherukomojnika, and shashlychnikmyl hands in a bucket.

Other frequent infringement vufimskih snackbars - absence of documents on products, sale of the delayed products and even a serious weather-cloth of buyers.

- in one cafe our checking have shortchanged on 86 roubles, - tells Nasima Kuchimova, - in other have given short weight 90%ė˙ņā in plove.

- I have personally checked up seven summer cafes, and any of them did not correspond to norms, - the chief of department on protection of the rights potrebitelejanvar Minibaev tells. - In three of them nasobschitali and obvesili. And full insanitary conditions have still amazed. In odnomtakom zavedeniiposudu washed vodojiz water drains: directly from a pool vrakovinu the hose has been stretched.

besides, in Rospotrebnadzor has arrived a little zhalobot ufimtsev which were indignant with that loud music izkafe “ Amazon “ and “ the Ideal “ prevents to sleep it, and after all on zakonublizhe 50 metres from inhabited domastavit cafes are impossible. Owners of these cafes oshtrafovalii till the end of a season have forbidden to include music on a broader scale.

to Infringers any more will not allow to work

- next year infringers to work in a public catering will not suppose, - have informed in Management of the consumer market of a city administration. - priorities we will give to stationary cafes - in them it is registered less infringements. And elementary hygiene there to observe easier: a laver and a toilet always nearby. This year service in summer cafes in comparison with last year has considerably improved. But, ksozhaleniju, the existing legislation has left supervising organamslishkom few powers. Even to write out the penalty, the judgement is necessary.

dear readers! And you skakimi infringements faced at visitation of summer cafes? Call to us today äî15. 00.