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Who has come to us - Father Frost? No, it is a clamidiosis!

according to Republican kozhno - a venereologic clinic, in 2003 among ufimtsev this diagnosis met in eight times more often, than a gonorrhoea and a syphilis!
how to struggle with this illness, has told the merited doctor of higher category, managing branch Republican kozhno - a venereologic clinic Hafizova Tamara Vasilevna.

That such a clamidiosis?

the Clamidiosis is one of the most widespread venereologic diseases. It call hlamidii (something an average between viruses and bacteria), and these microorganisms possess most bad qualities and those and others. Feature hlamidioznoj infections is that it proceeds with malovyrazhennymi symptoms or on a broader scale bessimptomno. From - for it patients are converted to doctors already at late stages of development of illness.

as it is possible to catch?

- More often the clamidiosis is passed by a sexual way from the sick partner.
- the child can catch from mother as during its pregnancy, and at the time of delivery. In this case the infection is passed the kid through okoloplodnye waters.
- a family clamidiosis it is possible to pick up when sick parents constantly contact to children, for example, use the general towel, bed-clothes, bathe in one pool. Thus illness can to hide on an organism and to have an effect through time wide interval - when complications will be shown.
than the clamidiosis threatens?
this disease first of all complications which it can give is dangerous. At men illness can outgrow in a prostatitis, vezikulit, uretrit, an inflammation jaichka, appendages, predstatelnoj glands. Finally the clamidiosis can turn back barreness.

hlamidijnaja the infection calls often impassability women fallopievyh pipes, extra-uterine pregnancy, poslerodovyj or posleabortnyj endometrit. 57 % of the women infected with a clamidiosis, suffer affliction barreness, 87 % have abortions and the premature birth, every second falls ill gistozom.

the Clamidiosis results not only in defeat of reproductive system of the person. It is long existing in a human body, hlamidii can provoke a syndrome of Rejtera: gradually extending on all organism, illness amazes an internal, a skin, joints (more often talocrural, knee) and a backbone, urogenitalnye bodies and even eyes (hlamidijnyj konjuktivit). In certain cases illness becomes chronic and leads to physical inability (in case of defeat of joints).

Unpleasant the inheritance

As already it was told above, a clamidiosis are ill not only adults, but also children, including newborns. Perinatalnyj (congenital) clamidiosis is dangerous that it calls a pneumonia and intestines defeat the child. At newborns on the first week of life it can be shown hlamidijnyj konjuktivit (when eyelids of the baby stick together after a dream), accompanied plentiful purulent vydelenijami, or an average otitis with high temperature of a body. At a congenital clamidiosis is surprised zheludochno - an intestinal path and other bodies of the kid, the child can soon die after a birth.

how not to pick up this infection?

- If you do not have constant partner, during sexual intercourse use a condom, it is desirable with lateksnym a covering (it is an original barrier to bacteria).
- be regularly checked on venereal diseases. It considerably will increase your chances of timely detection of a clamidiosis and will lower risk of complications.
- observe rules of personal hygiene.
- with a view of preventive maintenance can use a preparation Miramestin .
- the Clamidiosis amazes a weak organism, therefore go in for sports and strengthen the immunity.
- before planned pregnancy be checked up on all venereologic diseases. It will help to warn perinatalnyj a clamidiosis of your future child.

how to defeat this illness?
the Clamidiosis is diagnosed and treated much more difficultly, than usual bacterial infections. The main thing - to be converted in time behind medical aid.
at all it is not necessary to self-medicate, especially pregnant is it is fraught with serious consequences. The expert - the venereologist should appoint treatment. It will make the individual scheme of reception of medicines.
basically hlamidii are deduced by means of antibiotics (except preparations of a penicillinic number). It is necessary to be treated long enough - three - four months. Thus to pass a therapy course it is necessary for both partners. In a month after the course termination repeated tests and, in case of detection hlamidy are made, repeated treatment is appointed.
if hlamidii have been found out in the pregnant woman to it treatment is appointed after 20 - j weeks under supervision of the doctor. After the delivery the woman during some time should be observed at the gynecologist and the venereologist, and the child - at pediatora. These it is necessary for prevention of development of complications.
it is necessary to hand over what analyses?
For revealing hlamidy in an organism it is necessary to hand over blood from a vein (to women besides to make dab analysis). However such general analyses HAVE ACCURACY about 40 %. Therefore it is necessary to be checked up on illness and other methods.
In Ufa the most accessible and more often used methods of diagnostics of a clamidiosis are the PIF - a method (direct immuno - fljuriestsentnyj a method which is based on introduction in an organism especially mechenyh antibodies), immunno - the fermental analysis (it is based on SENSITIVE DIAGNOSTICS and reveals presence hlamidy in 70 % of cases), and also DNA - diagnostics or so-called PTSR - a method (the highly effective method polimeraznoj of CHAIN REACTION based on revealing of DNA hlamidy).
Where to be converted?
medical institution, analysis Cost
Republican kozhvendiaspanser (street Allied, 37, t. 78 - 23 - 26) dab - 66 rbl., blood from a vein - 66 rbl.
Self-supporting polyclinic RKVD (street Revolutionary, 58, t. 22 - 56 - 06) dab - 343 rbl.
City kozhvendispanser (Industrial highway, 42, t. 42 - 38 - 51) dab - 177 rbl., blood from a vein - 171 rbl.
Baklaboratorija GKVD (50 years of the USSR, 45, t. 32 - 16 - 44) dab - 177 rbl., blood from a vein - 171 rbl.
Branch 2 GKVD (street Chernikovsky, 42, 65 - 30 - 35) dab - 177 rbl., blood from a vein - 171 rbl.
polyclinic BGMU Laboratory (street Shafieva, 2, t. 25 - 29 - 52) blood from a vein - 150 rbl.
Self-supporting Ufa city polyclinic (avenue of October, 62/ 2, t. 37 - 69 - 24) blood from a vein - 320 rbl., dab - 190 rbl.
Imunnolaboratorija of maternity home 3 (street Ring, 183, t. 47 - 54 - 77) blood from a vein - 125 rbl.