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Mad foxes near Ufa attack people

Summer residents seriously are afraid for the life

18 - the summer inhabitant of village Beketovo Evgeny Jurin has kept the appointment ksvoej to the girl - 16 - summer ufimke to Irina, at her family here a summer residence. Young men have agreed to meet near ford on the river Uzen. The girl was late. Eugene has sat down on a grass and has included game on a mobile phone. uvlekshis this employment, he has not noticed it is not known whence undertaken fox. It has silently crept and has seized the right wrist of the guy.

- from a sharp pain I even phone has dropped, - he remembers. - Tried to drive away a fox shout, but it only teeth showed and growled, as a dog.

near at hand as to spite, there was no stick, it was necessary to boss svoejgaloshej. Probably, on a fox it has worked is sobering, and it has escaped.

Eugene was rescued by that it bylv to a jacket: a wound okazalasneglubokoj, and loss krovibyla the small. But in hospital Karmaskalov it has all the same spent two weeks - emusdelali all neobhodimyeprivivki, including otbeshenstva.

Now from a sting ostalaslish a scratch. To foxes ilosjam, running on village, he has got used since the childhood - all - taki the local resident. And here summer resident Irina nevyhodit without a stick - boitsjanapadenija a mad fox. That boleechto this summer in their Karmaskalinsky area it is a lot of. In proshlommesjatse, for example, the mad fox has bitten the three-year boy and his mother vdachnom settlement Solovevka. And in village Beketovomnogim this year it was necessary to escape begstvomot mad predators.

recently beketovskieohotniki have killed two foxes with priznakamibeshenstva in wood near garden sites. Animals are delivered in the republican Center of hygiene and epidemiologii, is now spent issledovanieih a brain.


the Chief of department of Management of veterinary science at Ministry of Agriculture RB IlshatSamigullin:

- On the official statistics, vetom to year in republic in three razamenshe mad animals, than vproshlom.

Furiousness is a virus, kotoryjpronikaet in a human body priukuse a sick animal, or pripopadanii its saliva on the hurt skin.

if you were bitten by a sick animal, it is necessary at once promytranu a plentiful stream of water with mylomi immediately to be converted to the doctor - to the traumatologist or the surgeon. chereztri day can already be too late - very often furiousness results ksmertelnomu to exod.