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Ufimka has grown thin for 70 kg to become similar to the Madonna

Now it wants to perform plastic operation and to become the double of the substitute

In the Ufa ware market 31 - summer Elena Synenko the present celebrity. The harmonous blonde continually hears behind the back: “ Look at our Madonna! Earlier it weighed 140 kgs “. Elena in the answer only smiles - it very much likes to be a star.

still one year ago at Lena was almost one and a half centner of weight and tjazhelejshajadepressija. Superfluous kgs have spoilt relations with relatives. MuzhSergej paid to it ever less attention. And twelve years dochanja has secretly written the letter on television with the request “ to make mum the beauty “. The woman has become reserved, has ceased to leave the house.

she spent all free time on a sofa with a player, slushajapesni the Madonna who obozhaetuzhe is a lot of years.

... And such it was less year back

- At my place the whole collection eevideoklipov, I look them is unceasing, - Elena tells. - Ivot once in the morning I have woken up iponjala that I want to be such, kakona, - beautiful and self-assured. Thought of it all day and night. And a week later has suddenly noticed - I grow thin!

With excess weight Lena borolasvsju life. At school teased “ a meat-packing plant “ and the husband tenderly named “ a roll “. While to 30γξδΰμ scales has not read off scale zatrehznachnuju figure... And 30κθλξγπΰμμξβ it has typed poslekodirovanija and treatments by a Herbalife.

- I felt nastojashchimurodom, - Lena remembers. - Vsevremja tormented depressions and headaches. And still from - for constant overeatings I had to remove a gall bladder.

Lena has tried all known diets, but even dvuhmesjachnoegolodanie, after which onaokazalas in resuscitation, not dalooshchutimogo result. And here odnamysl “ I want to be as the Madonna “ has at once dumped pochtidesjatok kgs! And if to be engaged in a figure seriously?

For effect preservation Lena began to go to sports hall, has registered in massage sessions. And the main thing - vsevremja inspired itself that it is beautiful and it is pleasant to people. Lishniekilogrammy thawed naglazah. And all cherezdevjat months Lenauvidela on scales zavetnujutsifru - 70.

- Lena has very strongly changed, - rasskazyvaetee the husband. - I married the quiet and appeasable girl, and now it the rigid and strong-willed woman. Just as the madonna! Together with excess weight complexes and fears have disappeared. Lena began to go to the beach - now it is not a shame to it to show the body.

- now I had an energy sea, and I hochupotratit it on realisation of new dream - to perform plastic operation that still bolshepohodit on the Madonna, - uleny eyes shine. - and eshcheja very much would want popastna its concert in Moscow. Interesting, in life it same beautiful, how on the screen?


Now former fatty priderzhivaetsjadovolno a simple diet which is called “ a traffic light “. It is daily necessary to eat products of red, yellow and green colours. To high security does not adhere, can and obedpropustit, will not refuse neither meat, nor from cheesecakes. A favourite dish - salty fat with bread. But it does not influence in any way weight “ Madonnas “ ontak also keeps at level of 70 kg.