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Alexander Kalyagin, Michael Shvydkoj and Polad Bjul - Bjul - ogly will meet in Ufa

Stars become guests of honour of the International festival tjurkojazychnyh theatres Tuganlyk

- Present festival, already the fourth under the bill, special - it is included in the honourable list of the actions dated to 450 - letiju voluntary occurrence of Bashkiria in structure of Russia, - the minister of culture and the national policy of RB Ildus Ilishev on a press - conferences has underlined the importance of a forthcoming theatrical feast.

to Prepare to Tuganlyku became in good time. In March the first session of organising committee in which work the head of Federal agency on culture and cinematography Michael Shvydkoj has taken part has taken place. Last, by the way, considers what to spend podobnyefestivali it is necessary more often: time and again in four years, as now, and at least razv two years.

Shvydkoj gathers netolko for opening of festival which will take place on September, 12th, but intends which - what to look and kakzritel. Problems with a choice tochnone will be - on Tuganlyk prieduttrinadtsat creative collectives. And among participants netolko the Russian theatres, but iih colleagues izstran the CIS and even Turkey. The whole week navseh stsenicheskihploshchadkah Bashkir stolitsybudut idtifestivalnye performances. Only posamym to modest calculations, ihposmotrjat about ten thousand spectators.

organizers teatralnogoprazdnika have tried to satisfy the most exacting public, having included in the program festivaljapostanovki the most different genres - from a tragicomedy to epic poems. Special popularity in it godupolzujutsja Shakespeare`s plays - ihpredstavjat on court of public and zhjurisrazu three theatres.

As honourable gostejprazdnika wait not only MihailaShvydkogo, but also popular actor Alexander Kalyagin whom vnastojashchee time occupies the postchairman of the Union teatralnyhdejatelej Russia. Among drugihzvezd festival - the composer and singer Polad Bjul - Bjul - ogly, well-known to the senior pokolenijukak the Azerbaijan nightingale . Now he, truth, sings only in time feasts with friends - important state affairs zabirajutvse time is no time the superpopular singer, and nowadays Extreme ipolnomochnogo ambassador RespublikiAzerbajdzhan in Russia.