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At the Ufa schools will evacuate pupils

How to behave in case of a fire, to children will remind on doctrines

already wrote about checks which have spent at all schools of Ufa on purpose to find out, how much fire prevention rules (see from August, 22nd) there are observed. For August, 21st when number was imposed, check certificates have signed only to 32 schools. For two days prior to the beginning of new academic year we have decided to check up that has changed.

- the status of fire security has considerably improved, especially in Kirovsk area, - the main state inspector RB on fire supervision Sergey Tarasov tells. - At 7 schools have restored the automatic fire alarm system, in 2 - system of the notification of people, still in 14 there are no infringements at electric equipment use more. Have accepted also schools 3, 8, 15 и107 where was more vsegonarusheny. Schoolboys mogutidti in them bravely. Vsegozhe, by data for August, 29th, vufe have signed certificates приемки57 to schools. In the others there were the defects, which educational institutions should reshitv a current of month. - except checks, in sentjabrev to Ufa will pass a month of security of children, - Sergey Genrihovich speaks. - Our experts will spend at schools educational evacuation, in tomchisle and with attraction of fire technics.