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In Bashkiria 20 % of all schoolboys

the Others or already with chronic diseases are healthy only, or need constant supervision of the doctor

Ministry of Health has summed up profilakticheskogoosmotra schoolboys of all republic. Results have appeared unfavourable. According to the deputy minister of public health services of RB Salii Murzabaevoj, 20,2 % of all examined children are absolutely healthy only. ”19 % of pupils chronic diseases, and the remained 60,8 % need constant supervision of doctors.

in bad health of children physicians accuse wrong load distribution of schools, and also discrepancy to the sanitary code of conditions and a mode of training of schoolboys.


the Doctor of medical sciences, professor Valery EGORS:

- that children are ill ORVI and boleznjamiorganov breath, student`s loadings and. The school is a huge collective. Detimnogo communicate and pass each other all illnesses. Therefore do not send sick children vshkolu. If each parent watches zasvoim the child - mass illnesses will not be.

the main reason of diseases of a backbone essential restriction of physical activity, especially in elementary grades. After employment at school release the child on волю:пусть it will take a walk and will spend not spent energy.

the stomach is ill children from - for nepravilnogopitanija: parents give money, on which children even buy to themselves chips and aerated water in the morning. It is clear that a normal hot dinner oniprosto will not buy.

and that there were no problems with eyes, limit work of your children behind the monitor. The school will suffice also: let play houses on kompjuteretolko on days off.

than more often our children are ill?
(diseases are listed pomere their decrease У popularity У among schoolboys)

1. ORVI, illnesses of respiratory organs.

2. Gastritises and illnesses organovpishchevarenija.

3. Illnesses kostno - myshechnojsistemy.

4. Eye illnesses, short-sightedness.

from 1000 children imejutproblemy with sight:

To a kindergarten - 14 kids

Before school - 32 children

After the first class - 77 children

After elementary school-110 children

In middle classes - 157 persons

And 171 graduate.

from 1000 children of a problem sosankoj and iskrivleniepozvonochnika:

Before a kindergarten - 13 kids

Before school - 53 children

After the first class - 82 children.

upon termination of the first class from 1000школьников infringement oporno - the impellent device страдают113 children, and from 1000 vypusknikovshkoly - already 126 persons.