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In Bashkiria privileges for transport and a medicine translate to plastic cards

Them will enter as experiment while in two areas

the Pilot project the Social map of Bashkortostan starts in October. Experiment will be spent in two settlements of republic. Inhabitants of Birsk should test the first an electronic map in transport, and to inhabitants of settlement Chishmy - in polyclinics.

one of the main advantages such an electronic purse what use it the exempt can only: in - the first, the map is supplied by a photo of the owner, in - the second to perform any operation with plastic the exempt needs to enter an individual code. So, if the card will be lost or it will steal, the pocket of the exempt otetogo will not suffer.

in Birsk to give out plastic cards already have begun. An experiment essence in the following: To the exempt vydadutplastikovujukartu, on which budutpropisanyego privileges. Having driven to the bus, ondolzhen together with the travel card biletompredjavit plastikovujukartu. Each conductor in a city will have a special device which, schitav from a card informatsijuo the exempt, will give out it the ticket. The card if not to transfer on it money, is necessary to define only how it is frequent lgotnikezdit in city buses. By the way, to use takojkartoj in the bus, personal pin - a code vvoditne it is necessary, after all on to plastic there is a photo of the exempt.

in Chishmah kartochkilgotniki will receive in svoihpoliklinikah. Zapolnjatdokumenty and to be photographed for a plasticity exempts have already begun. On a card will contain vsjainformatsija about vypisannyhi the released medicines ipolozhennyh to the person privileges. The plastic card will essentially save vremjapri registration of the patient vregistrature and an extract of recipes. In polyclinics uzheidet installation of the necessary electronic equipment.

on cards it is possible budetpoluchat for pension, grants and, certainly, rasschityvatsjaimi in shops (in this case it will be necessary to enter pin - a code). In experiment budutuchastvovat only wishing, and cards will give out free of charge. eksperimentprodlitsja till December. And tamuzhe the special republican commission will study, as there was a project realisation. And if it justifies itself(himself), plastic kartyvnedrjat on all republic.