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Companion Suhov it is ready to act in the Bashkir film

And waits for offers from our directors

Day of the Russian cinema in the Bashkir capital marked with small delay. But in the company well-known companion Suhova - the legendary Red Army man from the film which has entered into gold fund of domestic cinema.

- and you know that the White sun of wilderness long could not leave on screens? - Artfully smiles, sparkling belozuboj a smile, AnatolijBorisovich of Smiths. - but then it have shown to Brezhnev, kotoromukartina it was pleasant...

it is valid, if to the secretary general, as it is known, to the big film fan, nepodsunuli in time this film, a masterpiece of director Vladimir Motylja mogby long time pylitsja on regiments. But at a picture happy destiny - it is difficult to find the person, which though its time nesmotrel. The smiths, played almost sotnjurolej at cinema, all zheizvesten first of all poroli Suhova.

Well-known akterapriglasili on tvorcheskijvecher in a cinema the Native land which with nedavnihpor it is proud imenuetsjatsentrom the Russian cinematography.

Nesmotrja nasolidnyj age (Kuznetsovu, kakvyjasnilos, 76 years), the actor does not gather for pension. He vygljaditna udivleniebodrym and cheerful iprodolzhaet actively to act in film. On prosbupodelitsja a secret of unknown work capacity, Anatoly Borisovichlish has made a helpless gesture:

- No secret at me is present. I drink green tea, meat I eat very seldom, truth, at you not uderzhalsjai has tried bashkirskienatsionalnye dishes. Especially ponravilsjasupchik the such... It seems, kullama is called. Well, ieshche, of course, there is a secret. Well, I will open: nenado never to think otom, how old are you. Then the fate of the pensioner vamne threatens.

- Anatoly Borisovich, to you before prihodilosbyvat in Ufa?

- how much I remember, jazdes for the first time. Speak, uvas now it is a lot of filmovsnimaetsja. If menjapriglasjat - I will be glad to work with the Bashkir cinematographers. And the city was pleasant to me, purely, it is a lot of greens. The hostel where me have lodged, is located in otlichnommeste, at the House of your Government. Therefrom takojkrasivyj a kind otkryvaetsjana the river White, and a name uotelja unusual - Ajgul . Same zhenskoeimja?

Pjatsamyhizvestnyhfilmov Kuznetsova:

the White sun of wilderness

the Friend my Kolka

Hot snow


Bratushka .

And At this time

Efremov and Tolokonnikov go in Ufuna thriller shootings

in September to Ufa on shootings in a film the Scratch priedutizvestnye the Russian actors: Vladimir Tolokonnikov (Balls from the Dog heart ) And Michael Efremov who last years simply does not descend from screens.

participation of other known actor - Alexey Buldakov - eshchepod a question, it while is very loaded on shootings in other pictures so, probably, it Alexander Pankratov - Black will replace.