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In Ufa for the first time will pass the World championship on biathlon

Opening ceremony will take place on September, 6th in JUICE “ Biathlon “

the Grandiose sports feast will pass in territory of the modern is sports - an improving complex. Except competitions, spectators the sated entertaining program waits. All fans who will buy tickets for the championship, become participants of a lottery. As prizes organizers have prepared pleasant sports souvenirs, laptops, and the most important prize - the car “ Daewoo Matiz “. As lottery tickets usual entrance tickets which, by the way, will differ at the price will serve. Tickets for the second and third day of competitions will cost 50 roubles, and the price of complimentary tickets on dvaposlednih will jump up day to 100 “ wooden “. It is possible to buy the subscription on all days of competitions which will manage in 250 roubles. Nanagrazhdenie, kotoroesostoitsja on September, 10th vdk “ the Oil industry worker “ Tickets will not be on sale, unfortunately, - an input only on invitation.

for convenience of fans in complex territory already ustanovilidva the huge screen, on kotorymmozhno will observe of biathlonists on a line. Besides, on the screen which is opposite to a tribune, will go not only direct transljatsijachempionata, but also the text information about hodesorevnovanija. Near the second screen raspolozhatsjastoliki summer cafe, gdevse interested persons can have a bite and a rest.

sportsmen with vsegomira already gather in bashkirskujustolitsu. In total in the championship primetuchastie 21 country, among which Russia, Germany, Latvia, Finland, the USA and others. In structure sbornojrossii - stars of the Bashkir biathlon Maxim Chudov and Phillip Schulman. Besides, to take part vpervenstve there will arrive the champion of Europe Svetlana Chernousova.

Competitions on summer biatlonuprojdut in two disciplines - cross-country ilyzherollery.

The First kind of competitions bolshepohozh on usual run. sportsmenybegut without sports equipment, avintovku take directly in a firing line. Lyzherollery winter biathlon, a difference only vtom is more pohozhina that biathlonists instead of obychnyhlyzh use skis on rollers.

for whom to be ill ufimtsam?

Maxim chudov

Was born β1982 to year vsele Mikhailovka Ufimskogorajona. In biathlon with 1998γξδΰ. Achievements: the numerous champion of Russia among juniors; in 2001 - 2002 - the first places in the European championship; in the World championship in Italy - the second place vpresledovanii; the first places in the World championship in Poland; the Cup μθπΰ2005 - the second place; the participant of the Olympic games 2006 in Turin. In Russian national team since 2003.


Was born β1980 to year vufe. In biathlon since 1994. Achievements: mastersporta mezhdunarodnogoklassa on biathlon, a member sbornojrossii, the bronze prize-winner of the championship of Russia in sprint, serebrjanyjprizer the European championship in relay race (Forni Avoltri, Italy, 2003), 4 place in the championship mirav sprint (Oberhof, 2004), Kubokmira 2003/ 2004 - 27 place.

the schedule of competitions

on September, 6th, environment

13. 00 - sprint - cross-country, 4 km, men, juniors.
15. 30 - sprint - cross-country, 3 km, women, juniorki.

on September, 7th, Thursday

13. 00 - prosecution race - cross-country, 6 km, men.
13. 40 - prosecution race - cross-country, 6 km, juniors.
15. 00 - prosecution race - cross-country, 5 km, women.
15. 40 - prosecution race - cross-country, 5 km, juniorki.

on September, 8th, Friday

13. 00 - the mixed relay race - cross-country: men 2υ4 km; women 2υ3 km, ώνθξπϋ2υ4 km, juniorki 2υ3 km.

on September, 9th, Saturday

13. 00 - sprint - lyzherollery. 10 km, men.
13. 00 - sprint - lyzherollery, 10 km, juniors.
15. 00 - sprint - lyzherollery, 7,5 km, women.
13. 00 - sprint - lyzherollery, 7,5 km, juniorki.

on September, 10th, Sunday

13. 00 - prosecution race - lyzherollery: 12,5 km, men, juniors.
15. 30 - prosecution race - lyzherollery, 10 km, women, juniorki.