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Students “ the Bashkir chemistry “ will receive the grant of 5000 roubles

And then them will employ on one of company factories

Unusual student`s group has appeared in new educational year in sterlitamakskom branch Ufa state neftjanogotehnicheskogo university. 36 students will be engaged under the special program, and already now it guarantees employment on zavodahsterlitamaka. And all because they have passed special test and have concluded the contract with a group of companies “ the Bashkir chemistry “. pokontraktu children will study 5 years and will receive a speciality “ the Chemist - the technologist “. All this time in it will pay the raised grant - from 1500 to 5000 roubles. In the first educational day “ pervashi “ have met the sponsors and the future employers.

- good afternoon, colleagues, - have greeted molodezhgeneralnyj the director of Open Society “ the Bashkir chemistry “ SergejCHernikov and the general director of Open Society “ Soda “ Farhad Samedov. - Let`s get acquainted.

- on you the special hope, - tells Farhad Astanovich. - to you it will be opened zelenajadoroga in our system, myokazhem to you all support, but also demand will be rigid. All in yours πσκΰυ:μϋ your assistants and trainers, and everything that we can - we will make.

- at you in gruppevsego six girls, - ulybaetsjasergej Tchernikov. - therefore to young men the first valuable instructions: protect them, nedavajte the damv offence.

wishing to get in etugruppu was much, amest was only 36, poetomuotbor was very strict. Eshchevesnoj “ the Bashkir chemistry “ has spent the sobstvennujuolimpiadu in chemistry and the physicist, by which results iotobrali 20 best children. So prior to the beginning vstupitelnyhekzamenov they became the first students of holding and have received as a gift modern computers. 16 more person have selected in June navstupitelnyh tests vuniversitete. All entrants, besides demonstratsiisvoih knowledge in sciences, should pass interview which spent the top management “ Bashhimii “.

- Already now there is a necessity to fill up shots young experts, after all economy trebuetbolshej the competence, - the general director " speaks; the Bashkir chemistry “ SergejCHernikov. - We is simple nemozhem it not to do, vedgod after a year shots grow old, amolodyh experts who are necessary for us, nashasistema educations nampredostavit cannot. By the way, it is the universal practice, all large korporatsiizaranee prepare sebesotrudnikov. And new students we conceive uzhekak colleagues. Today we have risen on “ the first step “ inheriting year will be vtorajatakaja group, potomtretja. Our program will work at least ten years.

the training program “ bashhimovskih “ Students budetznachitelno to differ otobychnoj the high school program. From the first course they will start to be engaged with experts of the factories entering vholding, every summer at nihbudet an industrial practice. And from the second and tretegokursov for them organizujutdopolnitelnye employment pomenedzhmentu and economy which will conduct a top - managers “ the Bashkir chemistry “. One of such open lessons Sergey Jurevichobeshchal to spend.