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In Ufa have risen in price routeing Gazelles

Now it is necessary to pay for journey to a taxi 15 roubles

- the Girl, from you five roubles more, - the driver 211 - j Gazelles was obviously not in the spirit of, on Friday he had to repeat this phrase almost to each passenger. People persistently did not want to notice the announcement of increase of fare and stretched at an exit habitual ten.

- journey has risen in price not on our whim, - the driver explains. Is it is connected with rise in prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. Have lifted fare only in long routes which follow through all city, - such, as 211 - j and 270 - j.

Aforementioned Gazelles belong IP Batyrov . Since September, first for passengers of these buses a trip for work obhoditsjav 15 wooden and eslivy became the passenger Gazelki after 24. 00, and it is more than that - 20.

We have decided to find out, will not lift livskore fare others chastnyeperevozchiki, and have rung round vladeltsevvseh long city routes.

- journey to buses 226 - go a route while will not rise in price, - have assured us of the company Ufaavtotrans . - We pokavyderzhivaem rise in prices nagsm. Besides, the prices in gorodskihavtobusah " will not be raised yet; Bashavtotransa to us too is not present smyslapovyshat the price.

and here journey to buses 279 - go a route which too follows cherezves a city, nevertheless will rise in price, but only with 15.

- We too vynuzhdenypodnjat the prices for journey, - have informed in the company Uralavtotransservis . - The matter is that recently on 12 % have risen tsenyna spare parts. Also a rise in price of tickets in buses has affected and postojannyjrost the prices for gasoline. Recently PETROLEUM PRODUCTS have risen in price for rouble, and in the nearest vremjaprognoziruetsja the next jump of the prices.

But the company is not going to raise the price in all buses. For example, the route 271 to 22 chasovbudet to cost on - former 10 roubles. Itolko after 10 evenings passengers should pay on 15 roubles.