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With impudent a crossroads will clean tram rails

the Ufa highway will expand for motorists, and electrotransport will change routes

Very soon impudent the crossroads in Ufa will say goodbye to the name. The tram ways occupying almost two lanes on the Ufa highway and half of an overpass through the railway, on dnjahuberut. And it as experts assure, will strongly unload movement on impudent a crossroads.

movement of trams have stopped past Sunday. For one nochrabochie have cleaned all wires.

to assort rails will begin today. Tram ways any more will not be on the Ufa highway from street Tram to a tram ring behind an overpass is about two kilometres of ways.

- while any tram route we otmenjatne will be, - have assured us vmuete Ufa. - simply some of them will prolong.

To Block road dljadvizhenija cars naufimskom highway dorozhnyerabochie do not intend. They plan to finish dismantle of rails for 10 days. To have time to execute vseraboty for so korotkiesroki, it is necessary to them rabotati in the afternoon, and at night. In the afternoon workers will assort rails, overlays and to remove bolts, anochju all it to take out. From - for a strong stream of cars loading works in the afternoon here zanimatsjanevozmozhno. relsyplanirujut to use vdalnejshem at remontedrugih tram ways.

after rails will clean, on the Ufa highway will put new asphalt. Vdalnejshih plans of public utilities - overpass repair.

what trams will change routes?

4 Pushkin`s street - through Dezhnevskijputeprovod _ street International, through street Cosmonauts

8 Theatre of Dolls, Tram, Gastello - VAZ - of Cosmonauts - Theatre of Dolls

14 Theatre of Dolls - Cosmonauts - VAZ-Gastello - Tram - Theatre of Dolls

17 Theatre of Dolls - Tram - Gastello - VAZ - Cosmonauts - International.