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Ufimka has acted in film in Dmitry Malikova`s clip

the Singer has recommended to Olga Shumilovoj to arrive in theatrical school

the Clip on Dmitry Malikova`s new song “ If “ which now rotiruetsja on all Russian radio stations, is planned in second half of September. But 18 - summer Ufa model Olga Shumilov not only has seen the future clip before everything, but also itself has acted in film in a leading role of the second plan.

- I was taken six years in Academy of modelling business in Ufa, at Elena Lukmanovoj, and several months ago have got over to Moscow, in agency “ Prestige “ - Olga tells. - we participate often in displays, presentations, club parties. Once our ten models have invited to clip shootings in mass meeting. Already it was found out later that the clip acted in film napesnju Dimy Malikova “ If “.

Olga it has appeared simply lucky: poslekastinga on malozametnujurol in massovkek it podoshelfotograf ipoprosil a portfolio. Having learnt that the girl nezahvatila it ssoboj, it has simply clicked eena a soap tray.

After shootings in a clip Malikova Olga and itself a star

the Model could not poveritsvoim to ears, when spustjadva day after a casting eepriglasili directly in studijudmitrija Malikova. Olja, being the old fan of the well-known singer, at first was struck dumb, having seen a star two steps away from itself.

the Whole two days, on July, 26th and 27, in pavilion “ Mosfilm “ there were clip shootings. Days without a break worked, finished long after midnight, already absolutely having grown weak. Removed a clip izvestnyjotechestvennyj klipmejkergosha Toidze.

- At first I was very much stirred before a movie camera, - Olga remembers. - on a plot of a clip I igralasrazu two roles: “ pornostilistki “ and “ Girls - crackers “. Tamest the moments where jadolzhna to embrace sdimoj, representing love.

But to take pleasure in affinity with dream of millions Russian girls of Ole not σδΰλξρό:νΰ to a set constantly there was Lena, wife Dimy, with dochkojstefaniej iruchnoj a dog.

Dima and Lena okazalisidealnojsemejnoj in pair, naploshchadke they nikogdane quarrelled. The priest - a star had dinner together smodeljami in one make-up room, was cheerful and is constant podbadrivalustavshih girls. Often joked, travilanekdoty.

Game ufimki Olgipevets remained is happy, even has insistently recommended ejpostupat in theatrical school.

and his wife has promised that objazatelnopriglasit Olju nasemki sledujushchegoklipa Dimy. Strochkiiz pripevapesni “ If “ If the drop stanetmorem, Dark blue nebompostel, belymsadom a blizzard itumanom water to Think only, eslimy prevratitsumeem never vnavsegda, Never in for ever.